Varieties of Arabica coffee

The Different Types Of Coffee Beans

The Different Types Of Coffee Beans
The Different Types Of Coffee Beans

Coffee is one of the cult drinks of our society, much has been written about coffee, its varieties, types of grain, and other aspects. But, do you know all the varieties of Arabica coffee?

The best-known types of coffee beans are Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, but there are two other types of coffee much less known, such as Libérica coffee and Excelsa coffee. But also within each type of coffee, there is a multitude of varieties.

The coffee plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family, genus Coffea, which includes about 90 species. But this time we are going to talk about the varieties of Arabica coffee

Varieties of Arabica coffee


This type of coffee currently represents the vast majority of world coffee production, thanks largely to its large number of variants that we will see in this article.


The ideal habitat for Coffea Arabica is located between 600 and 2,000 meters of altitude: the higher the altitude, the better the organoleptic qualities of its grains. This species is cultivated mainly in Central and South America, but it can be found of excellent quality also in some areas of Africa and Asia. The market offers a wide range of Arabica coffees and their diverse flavors are due to the country of origin and the many varieties:


Commonly, this variant of coffee is often confused with the preparation of coffee that is made with cocoa, but in reality, it is a variety of Arabica coffee. Originally from Yemen, its name comes from the main export port of this variant, Moka.

It has low acidity and its flavor is reminiscent of chocolate, which is why the preparation of coffee with chocolate is often called mocha.



Another variant of Arabica coffee reminiscent of chocolate. This variant comes from a volcanic and mountainous region of Costa Rica.

Unlike mocha coffee, this variety is more acidic, with much more body and the ability to fill the palate. Its flavor is reminiscent of chocolate and has touches of wood.



Originally from Indonesia, this variety was introduced by the Dutch during the 17th century.

This type of grain is one of the most reputed and demanded after mocha, largely due to the climatic conditions of the island.

Strong flavor, somewhat spicy, and with sweet touches.

Kenya AA

One of the characteristics of this type of grain is the obligation to classify these types of grain. They have 9 types of categories, ranging from AA, the highest quality, to UG3, the lowest quality.












Its flavor and aroma are intense and complex, with hints of berries and some acid touches.

This variety of grain comes from Kenya.



Coming from Tanzania on Mount Kilimanjaro, this variety has a great reputation due to the place where it is grown and because only the coffee fruits or fertilized seeds are used.


Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Coming from Colombia, the plantations of this variety of coffee are recognized for the quality of their crops and their traditional cultivation methods.

Colombian coffee has always stood out for its high quality. With acid and bitter touches, it has a flavor of caramel and toast.



This variety of coffee stands out because all the coffee processes, harvesting, drying, and roasting are carried out manually.

From Ethiopia, this coffee has high acidity and a medium body, it has a certain fruity air, with earthy tones and a bit rough texture.



In southern Ethiopia, the first coffee bushes originated in this region, where these bushes sprout sporadically, without the need for special care or attention.

The fruity touches are clearly distinguishable, with a special sweetness, a refined acidity, and a lot of body.


Mandheling and Lintong

Coming from Indonesia, it is characterized by its good flavor, hints of forest herbs, and low acidity.


Toraja Kalossi

Another variety from Indonesia, more specifically from the island of Celebes, a mountainous area. Good body and balanced acidity.


Blue mountain coffee

One of the most exquisite varieties, this variety of coffee comes from Jamaica.

Intense and pleasant aroma of mild acidity and impressive flavor.


In Conclusion

These are some of the most important Arabica coffee varieties, not only because of their level of consumption but also because of their cultivation places, which give each variety completely special and unique flavors and aromas.

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