Troubleshooting Tips DeLonghi Magnifica Models

Here are some ideas that can be useful for Magnifica users dealing with the most frequently happening problems. DeLonghi likewise offers a support service center to assist consumers set up their coffee devices.

DeLonghi Magnifica
DeLonghi Magnifica


1. Espresso is watery

If you like to consume americanos, do not brew coffee for a long time, including more water to the drink. Make three regular espressos and then add warm water. If you press more water through the coffee in the machine, this will make your beverage taste bitter.

2. The lights are flashing

These lights denote that the gadget is not all set to work. Generally, this occurs when it has actually not heated up. The maker requires a long time to heat up again before making one more espresso.

3. The coffee machine leakages water

This occurs due to poor seals. Purchase a replacement and alter the seal.

4. The grinder gets clogged

Set the mill to the roughest setting. Normally, these assists unblock the gadget.

5. Espresso is not coming out

Maybe, the coffee is ground too finely. The pump can not produce adequate pressure to push hot water through the coffee. Set the grinder to a coarser setting.

6. The coffee machine does not turn on

Check if the machine is plugged into the outlet. Examine if the main turn on the backside of the gadget is on. If both switches are on, however, the device does not work, get in touch with the service center.

7. The brewing unit is stuck

Make sure that the maker is shut off. The developing group can not be removed when the device is on.
No steam comes out of the milk frother. The holes in the spout are obstructed. Clean the steam nozzle.

8. The espresso is not hot

The infuser is cold. Let it heat up. Rinse your cup with warm water or let it rest on the cup warmer tray.

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