Top 5 Question Using Coffee Grinder

Our best coffee bean grinders reviews may not answer all your questions. That’s why, here, we are gonna answer the most common questions about coffee grinders.

  1. How fine should I grind my coffee?

A coffee that has been ground too fine will ultimately taste too flavorful and bitter. It is only recommended for espresso lovers. But the brewing method differs for the different types of beans. Usually, the instructions are given with the beans.

  1. How should I clean my grinder?

A damp cloth is enough to clean the body. It is not recommended to use water directly. As for the burr, using a dry brush should be good enough.

  1. If a gear breaks or comes loose, is it replaceable?

You can replace any part by contacting your dealer. In most cases, replacements are possible.

  1. How often do grinders need to be cleaned?

For uninterrupted grinding, we recommend cleaning the burr regularly. However, be careful not to damage it in the process.

  1. Are mini grinders worth it?

For occasional or personal use, mini grinders are really handy and easy to use. But for regular use, it is better to have a full-sized grinder

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