The Ultimate Keurig K155 Review!

The Ultimate Keurig K155 Review!


Essentially synonymous with single-serve brewing machines, the Keurig brand is best understood for introducing the first-ever coffee-pod maker. Their instinctive design changed the coffee maker market irreversibly as well as offered coffee fans the possibility of brewing the perfect coffee in document time. It was additionally thanks to this cutting-edge new brewing system that at-home baristas obtained the chance to devise a variety of scrumptious cups of coffee minus all the tedious shaking, mixing, as well as gauging. Merely visit your neighborhood grocery store, order a box of K-Cups, and prepare to prep that best brew.
Obviously, the Keurig brand name has actually come out with a range of single-serve brewing makers to match every unique preference. In this testimonial, we’re taking a better, more thorough take a look at among the most prominent business units from the brand name. We hope that our Keurig K155 review will certainly have the ability to assist any of our readers who are taking into consideration buying it as it is an excellent coffee maker that has an outstanding reputation among coffee drinkers and just keeps boosting in appeal.

Comparison Table

Keurig K150

Keurig K 150
Keurig K 150

Keurig K155

Keurig K 155
Keurig K 155

As Keurig knows everybody coffee choice is different, they do not only offer a wealth of coffee flavors, they likewise offer buyers a variety of machines similar to the K155. At a glimpse, you could think that the Keurig k150 and the K150P variant aren’t any different from the more recent Keurig K155 but there are refined distinctions that make the K155 the far better alternative.

The K150P and also K150 share a similar silhouette to the K155 and save for a few small modifications with the 150 models black dispenser hood, and you have actually obtained what appears like a precise replica of the K155. Studying efficiency is when the differences between these 3 models begin to reveal. The first thing you’ll observe is that the K155 only supplies 4 various volumes for its mixture outcome, instead of the two various other versions that can produce up to 12 ounces of coffee in a single brew. Certainly, it would be convenient to be able to create that much cuppa with a solitary go, yet since the Keurig devices work very promptly, there’s no genuine damage in just making a 2nd cup with the K155 if you find that the maximum 10 ounces aren’t enough.

An additional point is that out of all the Keurig makers on the market today, the Keurig k155 is the just one that accepts the third-party K-cups that greatly boost the number of tastes available. This and the newer innovation in its heating unit is essentially what offers the machine its greater price point than the K150 yet it is also the greatest benefit of the k155 too. Providing customers more flavor alternatives, the K155 doesn’t limit your selection of the brand name’s existing line of husks that often tend to be more pricey than the third-party choices while likewise enhancing the selection readily available significantly.
Both the K150P and also the K150 can be linked to a water line, yet just the previous features the devices required to attach the machine. In essence, that’s what raises the K150P’s rate over its K150 variation. Nevertheless, the K150 can be connected to your pipes– at the added cost of the after-sales acquisition.

Although the K155 can be linked to your pipes, its service warranty might be thought about gap ought to the equipment be connected to a water line. All that said, choosing in between the two gadgets all come down to one choice– whether you like the opportunity to pick from a wider series of flavors, or whether you believe the comfort of direct plumbing supersedes a broader sheathing choice.

Keurig K155– Standard Specifications

The Keurig k155 originates from the brand name’s Commercial Brewer System Collection. Created for use in office spaces, waiting spaces, doctor’s centers, and comparable areas, this solo-cup brewer flaunts comparable functions to the robust K150 and K150P, albeit coming with a somewhat lower expense.

– Dimensions: 14 x 10.4 x 13.8 inches
– Weight: 6 pounds
– Color: Matte Silver and also black with chrome accents
– Reservoir capability: 90 ounces
– Guarantee: 12 months
– Color LCD touchscreen user interface
– Adjustable temperature level
– 4, 6, 8, 10 ounces mixture result
– Language: English, Spanish, and French languages offered
– Time display
– Peaceful brew system
– Drain feature for transportation and storage space
– Removable drip tray
– Compatible with K Cups from Keurig and various other brands

Coffee Maker Efficiency and Functionality

The Keurig K155 OfficePRO Single-Cup Commercial Coffee Maker has been made to brew excellent mugs of coffee for everybody in your office throughout the day. The sleek maker promotes a 90-ounce water reservoir that can brew approximately 18 cups of coffee before essential water fills up. The equipment gives individuals the alternative to choose the volume of their blend which can be evaluated 4, 6, 8, or 10 ounces with the device’s user interface.

Because preferences differ, the machine likewise allows you to pick your preferred temperature setting for your coffee too. The maker lets customers set their coffee temperature level between 188 ° F and also 198 ° F, obtainable through the easy-to-use developing control touchscreen system. On top of this, to provide you a lot more options for the perfect cup of coffee, the K155 accepts thousands of tastes of different a box of K-Cups from over 75 various brands, offering you as well as your workmates unlimited developing chances rather than simply a single pot of a basic coffee.

Created for a very silent procedure to reduce interruption to the workplace when making a cup of coffee and with the Keurig K155 flaunts a developing time of less than a minute, each cup of coffee– regardless of your picked brew amount– can be combined to excellence extremely rapidly without interrupting your associates. That means there’s no demand to stand around the maker and wait on it to finish up your cup, so workplace work can ensue with little in between each brew.
Aside from coffee, the Keurig k155 can work up superb cups of tea in addition to tasty hot delicious chocolate among other types of drinks. As well as unlike its K150 predecessor, this version lets you make use of K-Cups from any other brand name that makes the cases instead of simply a select few. This means that the skies really are the limit in terms of the selection you can get out of the K155 making it the apparent choice as a result of there being numerous various K-Cup flavors readily available these days.

While all of that is well and also good, the machine does have a few efficiency disadvantages worth pointing out. For starters, regardless of being developed for industrial use like in waiting rooms or offices, this Keurig coffee machine can’t be hooked up to your water line right out of the box yet this is common at this rate factor on the market. If you have an interest in linking the device to your line, you’ll have to buy a plumbing package after the initial purchase that can raise the price. That stated, however, the Keurig plumbing set often tends to be more affordable than that of the competition anyhow while offering a larger range of coffee from the K-Cup range.

An additional point worth pointing out is the reality that while you can attach the K155 to a water line using a plumb package, doing so might nullify your warranty. Currently, if your workplace kitchen sees a lot of comings and also goings, after that replenishing that storage tank might become a job but the majority of police officer usually have a coffee rota anyway as well as whoever turn it is to make the coffee that week will merely top the water up when called for.

Interface and Control System

Running the cool k155 is extremely easy as well as one of the most convenient systems we have attended to date, thanks to the intuitive LCD touchscreen user interface that essentially offers you all the details you need at a glance and makes the process as user-friendly as possible. The display can be discovered on the machine’s front panel, and also basically serves the purpose of the primary controls. In addition to the touchscreen, the just other control you’ll require is the power switch so anyhow can quickly utilize the k155 despite having absolutely no prior experience.

Transforming the equipment initiates the primary step of the developing procedure– warming the water. As soon as the storage tank gets to the excellent temperature– which takes around one minute– you can basically get to developing. The screen shows all the details you need to produce the ideal cup of coffee– from water level, to make temperature.

In case the device encounters any type of errors or hiccups, the display ought to likewise show you what’s causing the concern. Usually, you’ll read errors concerning the reservoir, such as water circulation interruption as well as not enough supply. In these instances, repairing ought to be not a problem and also are normally very easy to repair despite marginal expertise of the device.
Most often, if you do experience an error, you’ll need to reset the machine by removing the water tank that only takes a couple of secs. For any water circulation concerns or obstructing, you can begin by running the brewing cycle without any K Cups set up into the maker. Running the process with just water must clean the inner functions and get your coffee machine to work without a hitch.
Straightforward and straightforward, also newbies to the Keurig brand name should locate the k155 unbelievably understandable as well as run. If anything, it would have behaved to be able to select a solitary language for the display screen. By default, the touchscreen will reveal choices in English, Spanish, and also French. Obviously, it’s not mosting likely to influence efficiency. However, it would certainly have been nice to see simply the language you need to eliminate the display’s messy appearance however you can choose the main language in less than a minute using the simple to adhere to settings food selection.

Construct Top Quality and Design

When it involves looks, the K155 comes out as the king. The streamlined, advanced visual makes it both a useful and ornamental addition to an office kitchen. Clean lines and also sharp edges offer the equipment that stylish, state-of-the-art feel and look that’s absolutely eye-catching. Chrome-plated accents on the cup system as well as simply over the dispenser strengthen the maker and also contribute to its kitchen counter appeal. The matte silver surface provides sharp elegance at a glimpse however feels affordable to the touch. Altogether, the 6-pound machine is relatively lightweight, thanks to its enhanced plastic encasement which may betray that premium visual when you step closer to connect with the maker.
In terms of resilience as well as build quality, the k155 does not fall short of assumptions. Despite being made primarily of plastic, the equipment stands up well against damage. The surface on the plastic exterior isn’t vulnerable to scuffing or spots, making the coffee maker particularly simple to clean. The streamlined body is relatively free of spaces and also crannies where gunk and also mold may collect. The detachable drip tray makes cleanliness also simpler and also offers customers the possibility to position taller mugs or mugs below the dispenser.

If anything, the chrome plating is what makes upkeep a bit much more challenging considering that they’re prone to hard water spots. While these cosmetic concerns will not influence performance, some individuals may discover that it eliminates the device’s overall visual. One more thing to take into consideration about the K155’s development is just how it could influence the preliminary preference. Utilizing reinforced, heat-resistant plastic– even for several of its interior parts– the K155 might lend a mild plastic flavor to your brew during those first couple of uses. Carrying out a preliminary cleansing must alleviate the aftertaste when you finally stand out a K Cup right into the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions Keurig K155

We constantly see a multitude of people reaching out with various pre-sale questions about the Keurig k155 so we have decided to respond to the most frequently asked ones below. We hope that we will be able to help any one of our readers that have these same concerns as well as are taking into consideration acquiring the Keurig k155.

Can I make use of the Keurig K155 Office PRO Commercial Coffee Maker in your home?
Absolutely. What sets the Keurig residence designs aside from the job versions is the UL commercial certification that the K155 coffee machine– along with the other office designs– has. Basically, this suggests that the K155 was engineered for requiring conditions where constant development may be required.
While the house devices additionally have UL qualification, their Household Just accreditation indicates that the devices were designed to hold up against moderate use and gentle treatment typically run into in-home setups. All that said, yes, you can certainly make use of the K155 in your home, particularly if you find yourself making a mug of coffee regularly than the ordinary family.

Can I utilize the Keurig K155 in a workplace with over a hundred employees?
Not quite. As one of the Keurig Commercial Coffee Makers on the much more budget-friendly end of the expense variety, the K155 was developed with smaller sized offices in mind– and its tank should clarify that.

The 90-ounce water capacity implies you can quickly and also successfully brew anywhere from 10 to 18 mugs of coffee on a solitary full storage tank. For that reason, the K155 makes the ideal company buddy if you’re purchasing the equipment for a workplace with more or less 15 workers.

If you were searching for a Keurig machine that’s a little bit extra robust, the K-3500 should be better suited to your requirements. Engineered for those demanding workplace conditions, this device can make hundreds of mugs in a day without concern for breaking down.

What kind of water should I place in my K155?
The high quality of the water you make use of for your K155 will determine the degree of effort you need to put into cleaning it. Making use of unfiltered faucet water can cause debris and minerals to collect in the system, which will ask for routine cleansing and also descaling. If you’re making use of any type of water other than filtering system, mineral water, then you may need to descale your brewer a minimum of once every 3 to 6 months.

Mineral water particularly can be destructive to the performance of your coffee machine. Because of that, you may want to take into consideration using filtered water for all of your developing requirements. Keep in mind though– also using the cleanest kind of water you can find won’t remove the demand to descale since all sorts of water will certainly include minerals somewhat.

Exactly how can I descale my Keurig K155?
Comb the web, and also you’ll discover a host of cleansing methods that assert to assist clear out the mineral deposits in a Keurig. While several of them might function, it pays to check out your coffee maker’s fine print. According to the maker, descaling any of their machines with anything besides Keurig brand descaling service will inevitably void the service warranty.

If your coffee machine is still under its guarantee, it would certainly be perfect to utilize Keurig’s descaling remedy to maintain your protection undamaged. But if you’re past the warranty duration, after that you can go on and also provide those home solutions a shot. Remember though that house descaling approach that utilizes active ingredients like vinegar and citric acid can modify the preference of your mixture, and might cause damage to your device.

What happens if I do not descale my equipment?
When you include water in your system as well as start the developing process, a heating element brings the storage tank to the perfect temperature level. When this aspect reaches the water as it gets to maximum warmth, chemical reactions with the minerals and particles in the water create them to calcify against the element. This creates crystal-like calcium that holds on to the internal parts of the machine.

With time, the accumulation of calcified deposits can wet the healing power of your maker. Basically, you won’t have the ability to optimize the taste of the coffee that you pop right into the maker. Also even worse, these calcified minerals can remove from the burner and also travel with the water as it goes through the system throughout the brewing process.
When the minerals are caught in the system, they can build up and also block water from streaming via your maker. This late-stage issue might need extensive descaling or may even require the assistance of a Keurig client assistance.


– The huge 90-ounce water reservoir can serve up to 18 cups of coffee
– Alternative to choose the quantity of coffee you want to brew
– Temperature regulates allow you to call down or crank up the heat
– Smooth exterior minimizes nooks as well as crannies for easy cleansing
– The detachable drip tray can fit approximately 8 ounces of spills
– Sleek exterior provides a decorative touch to the worthwhile kitchen counter enhancement
– The touchscreen user interface is user-friendly and also user-friendly
– Light-weight layout lets you relocate, transport, and keep the device with little effort
– Quiet mixture innovation allows you to make a cup of coffee without disrupting the office
– Little coffee machine footprint can fit most countertops without eating way too much room
– UL Commercial Accreditation assures costs engineering that’s designed to withstand the demanding conditions of commercial use
– Enhanced plastic covering works well to withstand scuffing and also stains


– Attaching to a plumbing line voids the guarantee
– The slight plastic preference may instill with the mixture during the very first few cycles
– Chrome-plated components are prone to tough water discolorations
– Can only be descaled with Keurig brand cleanser
– Affordable plastic feeling
– Shows English, Spanish, as well as French by default

The Judgment– Is the Keurig K155 Worth It?

The Keurig k155 has its reasonable share of both low and high points. What truly makes it a noteworthy device is the reality that it approves a broad series of K Cup variants from over 75 brands– providing you the best choice of mixtures for unending tastes to delight in and discover. It’s very easy operation, instinctive user interface, streamlined visual appeals, durable development, and nearly immediate developing time make it a dream to use in any kind of office space.

While it can’t be connected to a pipes line– which is possibly its biggest mistake– the 90-ounce water reservoir that it comes equipped with can be sufficient to satisfy your tiny office’s caffeine requirements. Even then, as soon as you’re past the guarantee duration, you can absolutely hook the device as much as your plumbing by purchasing a separate kit for the job.

Other minor imperfections consist of the device’s plastic taste that can be washed away after the first few mixtures. However, altogether, there isn’t actually a disadvantage that you could think of as a deal-breaker, considering the truth that most of its disadvantages are small at best.

Now- the large concern to finish this Keurig K155 review– is it worth the price-tag? In our viewpoint– yes it is. While you can’t hook the device up to a water line without voiding your guarantee, what the K155 actually brings to the table is its substantial selection of appropriate K Cups. Taking any kind of K Cup or clone, this coffee maker can provide greater than simply your daily cuppa, and that makes it deserving of its price.

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