The Best Jura S8 Review 2022

Today let’s talk about the Jura S8 – one of the best super-automatic coffee machines. The majority of baristas say semi-automatic espresso machines produce superior espresso shots than automated machines. This is generally because super-automatic machines aren’t able to make espresso just like semi-automatics controlled by humans. This is, minus Jura coffee machines that are automatic.

JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine, 64 ounces, Chrome
  • ONE TOUCH: Prepare 15 barista quality specialties including espresso, coffee, cappuccino, flat white and latte macchiato at the touch of a button
  • PERFECT ESPRESSO: Ultimate coffee quality thanks to JURA's exclusive Pulse Extraction Process
  • CONICAL BURR GRINDER: Fast and precise AromaG3 grinder grinds whole beans to the optimum fineness
  • ECO FRIENDLY: JURA is always freshly ground, not capsuled - fresh taste with very limited waste - single serve machine
  • CAPACITY: 64 ounce water tank, 10 ounce bean container

Jura likes to give fancy names to its machine features such as Intelligent Water System, Pulse Extraction Process, Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System, and on. However, these aren’t just clever marketing ploys. They actually add a different look when you take an action.

Within the course of my Jura S8 review, I’ll cover the entire range of features and the way they work to extract espresso. I’ll also discuss the position S8 is in the line-up of Jura machines and how they compare Jura S8 with other espresso machines so that you can pick the right espresso machine for your needs.

Jura S8 Overview

The S8 is Jura’s most feature-packed, sub-premium espresso machine that combines the top of Jura’s entry-level and mid-level models along with the added “wow” factors features that are only available in their premium models. This line exudes quality.

What’s the result? A new category of super-automatic espresso machines that are premium but affordable.

If you’re a big fan of Jura’s design aesthetics then you’ll be awed by the S8 and its enhanced (and striking) 4.3″ color touchscreen display which acts as your entry point to 15 recipes that have been pre-programmed and let you keep the up to 15 different drinks that you can customize.

However, regardless of the drink, you pick the process begins with beans.

Jura S8 Jura S8 comes equipped with Jura’s brand new AromaG3 grind that is redesigned to grind your preferred whole-bean coffee two times as fast and with more accuracy. Together With the Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) extraction system that changes the pressure during the brewing method to ensure a complete and even extraction The S8 can deliver an aroma that is a more rich and smoky shot that has 12.2 percent more dissolving solids (that’s the ingredient that makes coffee’s taste and smells so delicious).

Another standout feature of this S8 includes the Jura’s HP3 milk-frothing technology that creates close-to-perfect milk foam for all your favorite specialty drinks: cappuccinos macchiatos and cafe lattes, Latte Macchiatos, and even flat whites. Milk foam’s spout features a delicate adjustment lever to adjust the texture to achieve the ideal degree of silky softness.

The Jura S8 is an impressive super-automatic espresso machine that nearly every coffee lover would want to own. It’s among our absolute favorites on the shelves of The Coffee Maven.

Jura S8 Overview

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  • A hybrid model that blends the small design elements with the sleek design of Jura A1, E8, and ENA 8 with a large touchscreen as well as other features from Z8 as well as Giga models
  • The brand new Jura AromaG3 grinder, as well as P.E.P. variable pressure extraction, produce an even more complex coffee that has a 12.2 percent greater aroma (measured by the number of Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Environmentally friendly with both auto-off mode and Zero-Energy switch (ensures the machine draws zero power when the switch is engaged)
  • Equipped with Jura’s latest HP3 milk system, which offers 15 different options for brewing with one touch such as double espresso double long coffee flat white, and many more
  • Integral with Jura’s J.O.E. application to remotely brew coffee
  • It doesn’t come with Jura’s pre-heating technology, which makes sure that the machine doesn’t heat up enough between brew cycles
  • The maximum 4.6″ coffee clearance at the coffee spout is approximately 1″ lower than comparable Jura models
  • There is no Smart mode, which reorders drinks displayed on the screen based upon the frequency of your selection (which Jura E8 and Z8 do not have)
  • There aren’t many brew options at a similar price and with the same specs as Jura E8. Cortado macchiato with an extra shot and cappuccino with an extra shot and flat white that comes with an extra shot
  • Although it is worth the price, however, the price is higher than comparable models made by other brands

Feature Breakdown

Here’s all you need to be aware of about the Jura S8’s features as well as how it brews coffee.

Espresso Brewing and Performance

Jura S8 Overview

Jura S8 receives the highest ratings for performance and brewing. It produces well-extracted espresso, which is more efficient than other espresso machines that are automated.

It is necessary to fill the bean bucket of coffee beans prior to the machine can begin brewing. The bean hopper can accommodate about 10oz of beans and they’re kept fresh by the lid of the chrome bean container. The lid made of chrome is better than the plastic ones most coffee machines come with and helps keep the beans fresher for longer.

The process begins by using beginning with the Aroma G3 mill, which crushes beans to perfection (more on the grinder later) The process is further enhanced by Jura’s ingenuous technology.

A crucial part of the coffee brewing method is the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System or IPBAS. Coffee grounds get submerged in water to ensure an aroma release. The IPBAS system is also calibrated to ensure the correct proportion of coffee grounds to water each time so that the Pulse Extraction is able to work its magic.

This Pulse Extraction Process is how the beans are prepared to be brewed. The beans aren’t submerged in water in order to remove the flavor, as other coffee makers do. Instead, they are infused with powerful blasts of liquid (or in the case of Jura call them pulses) that help retain the flavor of the beans and result in delicious, rich-tasting coffee.

Water is an additional component of the process of brewing. Since coffee is mostly made of water. Filtered water has a significant impact on the flavor of the coffee.

Jura S8 comes with the Intelligent Water System, which makes use of RFID technology as well as a Claris smart filter that helps ensure that the water is fresh. Jura S8 can inform you when to replace the filter and eliminates the requirement of Descaling.

Overall I haven’t had any concerns about the brewing process or performance. Jura S8 is able to make barista-quality coffee.

The Looks

Jura S8 looks

The Jura S8 looks fantastic. Beautiful curves, bright and gorgeous touch screen. The chrome accents on the milk and coffee nozzles look great with the silver or black body.

It is available In “moonlight silver” as well as chrome and black It’s made to be a perfect fit for a modern and stylish kitchen and does this beautifully. Coffee machines that are of high-end quality should appear as if they’re luxury, and that’s which is something Jura is a pro in.

Jura does not make coffee that is vibrant and vivid. They also don’t make coffee machines that look similar to traditional espresso machines, with portafilters or milk wands (their competitor, Breville, is a better option If you’re looking for that). They instead design stylish and gorgeous coffee spaceships that are neutral in color. I’m not sure this would turn most people off, except if you have a vintage kitchen. So it’s not an AGA or copper pans hanging from hooks, a modern Jura coffee maker can be a good fit.

All of those features require an area to be in that’s why the Jura S8 is a big espresso maker. It’s 11″ x 13.8″ x 17.3″. The fact that you have 1.4 cubic feet of space to fit the coffee maker isn’t something we can afford to be blessed with. It’s certainly heavy too and you shouldn’t move it unless you need to. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have an enormous space in your kitchen you’ll be able to make the most of every inch.

The Build

One of the reasons people choose the Jura model is the high-end quality of the technology which goes into it. Every part is the high-end top-of-the-line right from the drip tray, to the reservoir for water to the lid of the bean hopper. It’s this level of care for detail, coupled with the highest quality of coffee which creates Jura an amongst the most prestigious coffee maker brands around the globe.

The reservoir for water is 64 oz of water, which is sufficient to make a large amount of coffee while the bean-hopper comes with a capacity of 10 oz. The bean hopper comes with an elastomer seal with UV shielding. Therefore, you can be confident knowing that your coffee beans will be preserved in their freshness while you wait for them to turn into espresso. The top Jura machine for coffee all come with features that are focused on keeping beans in the top quality possible condition.

The majority of coffee machines utilize milk containers however Jura prefers to use a hose which can be used in any container that you would like. I prefer this since it will result in less waste and you can use what you have available. Jura also has an appealing glass milk bottle that is aesthetically more appealing as compared to my approach. Eliminating the need to store milk in a container that is warm is an enormous benefit in my opinion.

How Good Is The Coffee From The Jura S8?

How Good Is The Coffee From The Jura S8?

There is no way that any Jura S8 review is incomplete without mentioning the most crucial aspect which is the coffee. The S8 makes excellent espresso, just as you’d expect from a machine of this price.

The pulse extraction method used in the coffee brewing system Jura utilizes in all of its espresso machines delivers incredibly consistently high-quality extraction. The rich and full-bodied espresso, full of the distinct taste of your coffee can be achieved without needing to adjust all settings up to the maximum. It is common for machines with lower quality to have the settings set at the highest level to achieve a full-bodied espresso. This is not an issue with Jura.

This implies that there’s an advantage to the 10-strength settings, it’s not just a handful of weak espressos, but a good one. The wide range of options makes counting how numerous coffee beverages the S8 can make nearly impossible. Calculating out what I’m doing is painful for me so let’s suggest that you could spend several years trying various variations without no repeating the same thing.

It is of excellent quality, and there’s an adjustable lever that can change the density of the microfoam. But this doesn’t alter the quality much. However, some (like my pal and flat white lover) will be able to tell the difference. For these people, this sort of thing is extremely important. It’s important to note it is one competitor to the S8 which is it’s called the Breville Oracle Touch, has a lot more milk customization options if it’s your preference.

Drink Options

Drink Options

Jura can brew up to 15 special coffees, including espresso coffee, ristretto and coffee macchiato, cappuccino, latte Latte Macchiato flat white milk foam hot liquid with hot green tea. You can select between double or single shots of these drinks.

As I said that you can alter the settings based on your preferences. This includes three brewing temperatures, 10 settings for coffee strength, as well as milk foam and coffee quantities. The number of drinks that can be customized is practically inexhaustible with this coffee maker.

You can also adjust the foam of the milk however, more details on this are below. You can also create up to 15 customized drinks with these options.

Jura S8 cocktails are bold and rich due to the coffee’s high dose. You can make use of up to 16g of coffee grounds in each drink. This can make a big difference when drinking milk-based drinks as espresso that has a smaller amount of coffee grounds may be lost in milk.

I was quite content with the taste of each selection. Each cup was smooth and sturdy with a lovely crema.

Ease of Use and Programming

Ease of Use and Programming

A fully automated coffee machine is typically user-friendly, however, I was apprehensive that Jura S8 might be a difficult one to crack due to the latest technology. The espresso machine is simple and easy to use.

The large screen is color-coded and displays the top eight delicious coffee drinks. You can access the other drinks by pressing the button at the upper right.

To make, for instance, a latte, be sure you have water, milk, and coffee beans. Place the cup in the professional fine foam frother and then select the option for a latte.

Choose from 15 options for drinks using the programable “P” at the top left

That’s it. The machine will take care of everything from brewing, to frothing, and cleaning afterward. You can also alter the amount of milk or foam you’d like. I made the wrong settings once but S8 allows you to change or cancel the settings while the machine pours, which is why I was able to stay clear of overfilling.

Jura S8 makes programming easy too. Simply press and hold any drink that appears on the display, or press the P icon to change the settings that have been saved. You can select between 10 coffee strengths, and adjust the temperature, the volume of coffee (you can reduce the volume to a half-shot of 0.5oz) as well as the amount of milk as well as the kind of milk (froth or steam), and the crema.

Jura Menu

Additionally, you can change the name of every beverage, duplicate, or delete and even add new coffee recipes. Simply pressing the P will do everything. It will take you to the options for cleaning including coffee settings, even the statistics, and directions.

I was impressed by the ability to create two different settings for a single drink on the Jura S8, which comes in handy if you are sharing your coffee maker with other people who prefer their coffee that have more milk or less.

If you’re a geek and want to get the Jura Smart Connect feature, which connects to the machine and allows you to install an app and operate the coffee maker via Bluetooth. It allows you to make drinks while sitting on the couch.

Cleaning the Jura S8 is mostly straightforward thanks to the filtering system and RFID, and it doesn’t require much effort for you. I was not happy with the fact that the brew group isn’t easily removable, meaning you aren’t able to rinse it under water in order to get rid of coffee grounds remnants.

However, I did use Jura’s tablets for cleaning the machine on a regular basis and I had no problems regarding the taste or the machine’s operation.


Jura S8 coffee maker has a stainless steel conical grinder and, as Jura classifies it “the Aroma G3 grinder. It’s twice as fast as its predecessor model, the G2, and also keeps the delicious aromas of coffee. I’m a huge advocate of burr grinders because they crush coffee beans with ease and preserve the taste.

The bean hopper has 7 settings as well as a bypass for the doser that can be used to dose ground coffee

I was awed by how quick and quiet it was I really appreciated it early in the morning. It also makes regular coffee grounds.

The grinder comes with seven different settings you can select from. They can be accessed via the top of the lid. Jura advises that you change the size of the grind while the machine is running. It’s not intuitive to alter the size of the grind mid-dose, however, Jura says it’s best for the longevity of your grinder.

Additionally, there’s an area next to the grinder, in which you can put in ground coffee. It’s a nice option if you’re looking to drink a cup of decaf.

Milk Frothing

Milk Frothing

If I were you adding foamed milk to your drink makes any drink better. Jura S8 does this perfectly. It is put directly from the machine to the cup through the tube system. The frothing machine will take the milk in any cup with tubes and then deposit it in the frothing system.

There’s an adjustment lever, so you can adjust the foam of milk as you would like. This allows you to have an incredible degree of control over the foamed milk. It’s greater than the other espresso machines. The coffee and milk spouts can be adjusted to accommodate up to 6 inches of room for tall glasses.

I was very pleased with the foam especially because I was able to customize it to suit my needs. I made use of the lever to achieve an even froth for Latte or an airy one for the cappuccino. You can also choose a timer after frothing. This allows the milk separate so that you’ll get those Instagram-worthy three levels of macchiato in a latte.

Jura S8 also switches to pouring coffee or milk first, based on the beverage. For instance, milk comes first in flat white drinks and then in a macchiato latte. Jura S8 allows the foam to sit for 30 seconds in a macchiato latte and then takes the shot.

It wasn’t so for my previous espresso maker, which steam and made espresso in the wrong order (I’m thinking of you Philips).

Jura S8 isn’t equipped with a milk container which I’ll admit is not ideal considering the cost of this machine. However, you can buy Jura’s milk equipment like thermally insulated bottles with built-in refrigeration that keep milk at the ideal temperature.

A sample of Jura’s milk-frothing system and the container for the ENA8

It is possible to make milk drinks anytime, without waiting long for your machine to make a froth. Overall the milk frothing device in the Jura S8 saves space and is simple to clean as it’s not packed with many components.

Jura coffee makers include a container that is used to store the cleaning solution and is able to hold the water from the rinse. This is useful because Jura S8 is able to run an automatic rinse off the coffee maker about 15 minutes after use.


Let me be honest: Jura S8 is essentially Jura E8 with a touchscreen. Sure, there are small differences like the ability to monitor bean hopper’s status as well as 10 settings for coffee strength instead of the eight that the E8 features three temperature settings, instead of two on the E8.

If this is the espresso machine that is the super-automatic maker for you, then it boils to whether you’d like the touchscreen option or prefer buttons. Do you really want to shell out $500 more to get an LCD screen?

All in all, Jura S8 is more expensive than the other coffee machines in the mid-range however, if you’re thinking of purchasing a Jura S8, this might be the right choice.

The top-quality construction professional fine foam the 15 different coffee drink options, P.E.P., and Intelligent Water Systems result in espresso of the highest quality, and the price is well worth it.

In the same way, do you have the same or comparable coffee quality brewing with a less economical Jura coffee maker?

Yes, you can. You could consider a Refurbished version If you’ve got your desire to buy the Jura S8, but you don’t want to blow the bank to purchase it. It’s a lot less expensive and also comes with an espresso machine that can make excellent coffee for a low cost.

Final Thoughts

Jura S8 is among the most powerful espresso machines I’ve ever used and this is a great choice for demanding coffee connoisseurs. The coffee maker is equipped with Jura’s innovative technology -the P.E.P., plenty of coffee strengths and temperature settings a strong milk frother as well as an Intelligent Water System. The most important thing is that it makes high-quality barista drinks like from a good coffee shop.

If you’d like to look at an espresso maker that can do exactly the same thing for less take a look at the Jura E8 review.

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