What Is The Best Coffee For French Press?

There is no set of specifications for the best coffee for french press. The only thing you must do is make sure you purchase top-quality French Press coffee beans that have an aroma that you love and buy the beans as fresh as you can.

In this article, we recommend seven wonderful coffees that you can brew in your French press. Each is designed to please every type of coffee drinker. No matter if you’re fond of dark or light roasts, blends, or even single origins, caffeinated or decaf our selection is sure to yield a top-quality French press coffee.

4 Best Coffee for French Press Fast Picks

9 Best Coffee for French Press in 2022

It’s time to learn about the top 9 best French Press coffee beans that will keep us active and happy throughout the whole day. Here are the top coffees available. So without further delay let’s begin to discover!

1. Lifeboost Medium Roast

Lifeboost Medium Roast

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  • Roast level: Medium
  • Origin(s): Nicaragua
  • Tasting notes: Nuts, smooth, smooth, and well-balanced
  • Whole bean

Central-American mountain ranges have time been providing top-quality Arabica coffee, due to their fertile soils as well as the perfect climate. Organic coffee beans from Lifeboost are grown in shade in the Nicaraguan mountains without pesticides and chemicals. They are selected by hand for purity, and then hand-washed to ensure perfect quality control.

As one of the most excellent coffee beans available They are then roasted with care to create a moderate roast that is balanced which is why we chose them as the top coffee for French press making.

You can expect a smooth, well-balanced drink with an earthy, rich body, low acidity, and pleasant, lingering flavors of chocolate and notes of nutty.

They make for an excellent cold beverage. They’re so certain you’ll enjoy their products that they provide the opportunity to return your money within 60 days.

Lifeboost provides its coffee in whole bean and pre-ground forms. They only have one size of grind that’s best to drip-based coffee machines. So should you require coarsely ground coffee for your French presses, then you’ll have to grind the beans yourself.

  • Good tasting notes
  • Perfect quality/price solution
  • None

2. Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry

Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry

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Volcanica’s Costa Rica Peaberry is a delicious, bright, and sweet coffee made with the finest peaberry beans. Even better? You can purchase it already ground to the perfect consistency suitable for the French press. Every coffee lover knows that grinding their own beans is the best way to get the freshest flavor to your cup. So, while we generally don’t recommend buying ground coffee but this is the best option for the finest fine ground coffee.

These premium beans are grown in shade and certified by the Rainforest Alliance. They’re also grown on one estate at a height of over 5,200 feet.

While it is marketed as a medium roast it can be described as a sipping cup to simply enjoy. It’s got a light citrusy flavor with a mild taste. If you’re looking to get that strong kick to begin your day, or to speed up your afternoon routine it’s not the right coffee for you.

To enjoy the convenience of pre-ground coffee, you’ll have to pay slightly more as this is a pricey one. However, if you’re in the mood for just a few minutes in your day, then we believe that this is among the top pre-ground coffees to use with using a French press.

  • Pleasant scent
  • A mild, citrusy, and subtle flavor
  • Rare coffee beans from peaberry
  • It is convenient to pre-ground your French press
  • Expensive
  • Mild for medium roasts

3. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend

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  • Roast level: Dark
  • Origin(s): Americas, Indo-Pacific
  • Notes on Tasting: Earth, Spice
  • Ground beans or whole beans Ground beans or whole beans

If you’re in search of an excellent dark roast for a reasonable cost you should take a look at the Major Dickason’s Blend by Peet’s Coffee. The company was established in the 1960s by Alfred Peet in Berkeley, California in the early 1960s, the company has built its reputation on its European-style dark roast blends. Major Dickason’s blend is the most popular. It’s difficult to deny the credentials of a company like that!

Named in honor of an early patron of the shop’s beginning Major Dickason’s blend makes the most delicious, rich espresso that’s an ideal all-day option for those who love dark roast. This popular blend makes wonderful drip-style coffee Moka pot or espresso. It’s a great method to experience the magic in coffee made with the French press.

It’s created to provide a deep flavor profile with complex, spicy notes, and an intense body. It’s a pleasure to drink black, but it also stands well to cream or milk that really brings out chocolate flavors.

Plus, all Peet’s online orders are roasted and shipped on the same day, meaning it’s guaranteed that you’ll receive freshly roasted beans as soon as they arrive. You can select whole beans or any of the two grind sizes. The fine grind makes the best espresso coffee to use with the French press method of brewing.

  • Affordable
  • Aromas that are distinctive
  • A full-bodied, rich flavor
  • Rich and complex profile
  • Not enough bold for beginners
  • A little acidic

4. Verena Street Swiss Water Process Coffee

Verena Street Swiss Water Process Coffee

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Verena Street’s Swiss Water Process Sunday Drive originates from an operation owned by a family located in Iowa. The name is a nod to the road where the founders were raised. The coffee is naturally decaffeinated by a Swiss Water Process and sustainably procured from Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee farms. The beans are medium-roasted and provide a smooth and smooth taste with no bitterness.

It’s known to be acidic, therefore if you are sensitive to stomach acid it might not be suitable for your needs. Although it’s on the lighter side of medium roast this decaf can provide a smooth and soothing experience at any point in the day.

While it’s expensive, it’s our top choice as the best decaf.

  • Not bitter
  • Smooth profile
  • Delicious aroma
  • Naturally decaffeinated
  • Sourced sustainably
  • A bit expensive
  • Acidic
  • Medium to medium-heavy

5. Coffee Bros. Costa Rica Medium Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee Bros. Costa Rica

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  • Roast level: Medium
  • Origin(s): Costa Rica
  • Notes on Tasting: Cocoa toffee and lemon
  • Whole beans

This coffee is definitely unique. It’s not just the most excellent espresso coffee to use in a French press coffee maker however, it also makes an excellent espresso, drip-brewed coffee, or even iced coffee. It’s that good.

What is it that makes it unique?

Coffee Bros. Costa Rica is a micro-lot of coffee, as the highest form of a single source. The is traced to a specific producer, making sure only the best beans are included in each bag. In this instance, the producer is a father-son pair who have been perfecting their craft over the years. Their farm is located within Costa Rica’s Central Valley, where many believe that some of the finest coffee in the world is produced.

These coffee beans are 100 100% arabica, which is no surprise considering the Costa Rican government’s commitment to exporting only high-end coffee. The production of the inferior quality robusta bean of coffee was prohibited for a long time. They’re roasted until medium, resulting in a full-bodied hot beverage with chocolate notes that are sweet and toffee that is accentuated by the fresh lemon acidity.

6. Coffee Bean Direct Sulawesi Kalossi Whole Bean

Coffee Bean Direct Sulawesi Kalossi Whole Bean

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Coffee Bean Direct Sulawesi Kalossi originates from Indonesia and is dark-roasted to create an intense profile. Sulawesi is an island in Indonesia and it is named Kalossi. Interesting fact 90% of the coffee produced in Indonesia is Robusta However, 95 percent of the coffee produced within Sulawesi is Arabica.

This coffee is a lighter and bright cup of coffee with a smooth texture and a smooth finish. It is also low in acidity, with some the scent of berries. Because of its low acidity, this coffee is a good choice for those with sensitive stomachs. With an expensive price, it’s not available as a 5-pound package.

  • Creamy texture
  • Smooth and smooth
  • Low acidity
  • A little expensive
  • Five-pound only package

7. Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans

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The aroma is captivating when it is opened the Koffee Kult Colombian Huila will entice the Colombian coffee drinker all day long. The beans have rich chocolatey notes that have the sweetest finish, and there is no bitterness.

However, for those who love moderately balanced coffee, it is known to have a mild-roast aroma that is insignificant. Being one of our most expensive selections, the cost will keep this one lower on our list. But, it comes with a money-back warranty in the event that you aren’t satisfied with it.

  • Strong scent
  • Smooth and delicious
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Expensive
  • Acidic
  • The flavor is muted

8. Stone Street Coffee Reserve Colombian

Stone Street Coffee Reserve Colombian

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Another choice for pre-ground coffee, Stone Street Coffee Coldbrew Reserve Colombian is ground coarsely and specifically designed for cold or frozen coffee. If you’re a fan of cooling cold brew and you’re who’s joining the party towards Stone Street. People have been raving about the roast, rich flavor, and deep chocolate notes. With a deep aroma and a soft surrender, the drink is the perfect drink for a long day in which you’re looking for a relaxing drink that includes whipped cream as well as chocolate chips!

On the other hand, If you do not like an icy taste to your cup then you might not enjoy this cold reserve brew. If you enjoy the addition of accompaniments to the coffee you drink, this option can stand up to the flavors, however, should you like your coffee unflavored with a softer taste it could be too bitter for you.

A roaster that is straight from Brooklyn This brand is committed to its customers. Although it is expensive, the service could be worth the small cost.

  • Smooth profile
  • Sweet undertones
  • Aromatic
  • Pricey
  • Bitter
  • Acidic

9. Doma Bella Luna

Doma Bella Luna

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  • Roast level: Dark
  • Origin(s): Mexico
  • Taste notes: Cocoa caramel, almonds, caramel
  • Ground or Whole Bean: Either

Decaf coffee is usually critiqued for being dull and uninteresting. It’s not necessarily bad, however, it’s not really coffee. One method to combat this is to make it using the use of a French press since this method of immersion produces stronger, more intensely-flavored drinks. Another method is to locate the roaster who takes decaf coffee as seriously as they do their caffeinated drinks.

Introducing Doma. Its Dark roast Bella Luna decaf is as thick and delicious as you can imagine. It’s smooth and sweet, with a dense body and delicious flavors consisting of bittersweet dark chocolate caramel, and toasted nuts. Imagine the most decadent chocolate bar you can think of, however, as a liquid. Because it’s not caffeine-free it is possible to (and ought to!) have this for a post-dinner snack.

Bella Luna beans Bella Luna dark roasted beans are decaffeinated using the Swiss-Water process. The Swiss Water Process is the most effective method of decaffeination. It’s not just flawless with no chemical use however, it does not remove any coffee flavor as well as the caffeine that is a problem when using other methods.

Choosing the Best Coffee Beans for French Press

Choosing the Best Coffee Beans for French Press

Yes, beans. While you could certainly grind coffee to use for the French press method of brewing but starting with whole beans and then grinding the beans prior to making your coffee is recommended. This is because oxygen is the cause of death for coffee, as per Tupper.

Like an apple, which is affected by exposure to oxygen and oxygen, so are coffee beans when they are crushed. Although they will not become brown as an apple coffee beans begin to go through the process of becoming stale after exposure to oxygen. This is because the process of oxidation draws electrons away from the other molecules. The molecules that have smaller electrons get unstable and start reacting with other molecules around them.

In this case, it’s when you lose scents and flavors. When you are shopping at the supermarket for your coffee opt for whole beans instead of ground.

Roast Levels And Their Flavors

One of the reasons that a French press is well-liked is that it is able to work with all kinds of roasts for coffee. In general roasts with a darker or medium tone are more well-known, while arabica beans are often preferred due to their sweetness.

A light roast will certainly not taste bad, however, if you’re using an immersion brewer, such as the French press is likely to reduce certain of the richness which is why many appreciate lighter roasts. Light roasts generally are lighter in body and are characterized by bright fruit as well as floral and tea flavor, along with acidity from citrus. They are brewed more often by pour-over brewing, which showcases their subtle character better. If you’re a fan of a mild roast it’s worth a try using it in your French press.

In comparison to roasts that are lighter medium-roasted beans are generally lower in acidity and heftier in the body. They are sweet with flavors such as caramel, nuts milk chocolate, and fresh fruit, to mention some of the most well-known. They’re great brewed with the French press, which enhances the sweetness of the drink while giving the body.

Darker roasts come with a more robust body and a smoother mouthfeel. Both are enhanced by the immersion-style French press coffee.

For certain people it can be overwhelming for them, so they might prefer moderate roasts more. If you prefer the way your coffee is thick, and that coats your mouth with bold flavor Dark roasted coffee made in a French press is perfect for you. The typical flavor profiles are dark chocolate as well as molasses, earthy smoke, toasted nuts, and dried fruits.

Does The Origin Matter?

Does The Origin Matter?

In essence, a region that grows coffee can provide delicious coffee beans that are suitable for French Press brewing. But, certain regions are renowned for their specific flavors and are more consistent with premium coffee beans. If you’re not sure where to start, searching for a specific origin could be an ideal method to find a new coffee that you like.

Here’s a rough outline of how to expect various areas of growth.

Coffee originated from the Americas and is usually processed with water, is typically the purest tasting coffee that has the flavors of fruits, chocolate, and nuts. Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, and Guatemala are mostly known for consistently excellent coffee.

Coffee beans originate from East Africa and are known more for floral, fruity, and tea-like flavors that have an acidity that resembles wine. They could be dry or dry-processed. They typically contain subtle and complex flavors that are best suited for medium or light roasts. The most well-known regions for growth include Ethiopia Kenya and Ethiopia. Kenya.

Sumatra coffee Sumatra is distinctively earthy in flavor and has a robust body that is the direct result of the humid conditions that grow in the region. Most often, it is roasted until medium- or dark. Sumatran beans are a common component in blends because they impart a richness that is a great match with the French press or espresso machine.

Whole Bean Or Pre-Ground Coffee?

As with all of our recommendations, we suggest purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding it for a little period of time prior to making it. Ground coffee stales faster than whole bean beans so the more interval between grinding and making the coffee, the better the cup. Fresh coffee beans always taste better.

Of course, this suggestion assumes that you have a good grinder that works with French presses. If you don’t own an actual grinder, or if all you are left with is a blade grinder or a blade grinder, then purchasing ground coffee that is already ground is a better alternative.

Many companies grind coffee beans into a size that is suitable to a drip brewer, which is a little finer than the French press’s usual coarse grind of coffee. While you can utilize fine coffee grounds to make French presses, it is important to have to adjust the brew’s time to prevent over-extraction which could result in bitter or muddy flavors. Finely ground coffee can result in more silt getting through the filter’s mesh and into the cup of coffee although some prefer the richness that it imparts to the coffee.

A number of top roasters and distributors, like Peet’s and Volcanica, offer you the option of selecting the size of grind according to the brewing method. They’ll make coffee grounds using either a coarse or fine grind depending on your preferences. You should look for this option when you’re looking to purchase already ground coffee and would prefer coarse-ground coffee to use in use in your French press.


You should purchase beans that have been roasting in the last week since oxidation starts immediately after roasting.

Another thing to be looking for when purchasing coffee beans is the type of beans being utilized. In general, you should search for Arabica beans that can be traced back to farms rather than big coffee cooperatives which hide the origin of their beans.

There are two kinds of the best coffee beans available all over the globe: Arabica Robusta and Arabica. Robusta. Robusta beans are more affordable due to the fact that they are pollinated by nature and animals while Arabica beans self-pollinate. Because they’re less expensive, Robusta beans are the variety of coffee that coffee shops like Starbucks make use of. Although great coffee is made using robusta beans, generally Arabica beans produce a better quality cup.

Apart from purchasing entire Arabica coffee beans that were recently roasted There isn’t any particular coffee that is best suited used for the French press. It’s because the most suitable coffee to use for French press is determined by the preference of the individual drinking.

The key to finding the ideal espresso for French Press is understanding what kind of coffee different brewing methods can produce, and knowing what you enjoy.

Be Aware Of The Distinction Between French Press Methods And Different Brewing Methods

Be Aware Of The Distinction Between French Press Methods And Different Brewing Methods

French press differs from other brew methods due to two ways: the kind of filter used and the amount of time it takes to brew. The distinct blend of the two elements makes French presses more well-bodied and enhances the sweet flavors that coffee beans have.

Why does this happen? Let’s look at the way filters can play a part.

Filters the typical drip coffee machine Chemex and Aeropress utilize filters made of paper. The coffee’s compounds are able to bind to the filter and are then removed from the cup, resulting in a crisp, clean flavor.

French Press Employs A Steel Filter Instead

Metal lets the chemicals be able to pass through to the cup, letting you experience the distinct flavors of the coffee. Tupper explained that coffee has higher levels of complex chemical properties than wines, which is why filtering with metal lets you take notes on the flavor that are reduced through paper filters.

Another aspect that is what makes the French press distinct is the time of brewing. Tupper said these French presses are an immersion-based brewing technique that means you’re soaking coffee in a closed area with about 200 gallons of water, and not letting it go out for around 9 minutes. This extended steep time draws the sugars in the coffee, which enhances the sweetness of the beans you select.

Facts to know: Espresso is a brewing method using a metal filter. It produces quite a distinctive cup.

Tupper explained that in order to make espresso, you utilize higher temperatures and pressures to speed up the extraction process. Since the beans don’t sit in the same amount of time and the espresso is an enhanced cup of coffee, which highlights the floral and tart flavors of coffee beans instead of the sweet notes that are highlighted making use of the French press.

Decide What Style Of Coffee You Like

Due to the unique features of brewing that were mentioned earlier, French presses create a robust, well-rounded, and, often, a more sweet coffee. If you like this kind of coffee, then you’ll be a fan of the French press.

Another thing to take into consideration when selecting the most suitable coffee to use in a French press is the amount of something such as sugar or cream in the coffee. As an example, I include some whole milk in my coffee each morning. So French press is an excellent method of brewing for me.

Why? because, generally speaking, coffees with flavors that are earthy or chocolatey are more enjoyable with milk than fruits or flavors that are acidic or fruity. As I’ll discuss more in the next section, coffees that have more chocolate and nutty notes are the best to drink with a French press.

Check Out The Roast as Well as Notes About The Tasting

Check Out The Roast as Well as Notes About The Tasting

Because the French press produces a more full and more robust coffee, darker roasts can be quite strong. If you’re not a fan of strongly flavored coffee, opt for medium to light roasts. For instance, the dark French roasts are too bitter for the French press, and therefore you will don’t see these in my house.

The other thing you should be looking at when you are shopping for the most reputable coffee beans for a French press is the tasting notes that are on the bag. Tupper also suggests searching for sweeter, nutty, and sweet flavors like hazelnut, chocolate, or chocolate. Tupper stated that based on his experiences, those who enjoy French press coffee are more likely to prefer these kinds of notes. He observes that those who are a fan of fruitiness prefer brewing coffee methods that employ paper, which means they will have a smoother cup of coffee and enjoy the sweet, fruity notes.

In general, coffees originate from Central America, South America, and occasionally Indonesia typically has the notes that Tupper explained. If a café or website arranges their coffee according to region, be sure to read the tasting notes that are on bags from these places.

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The Verdict

When it comes down to it, picking the top beans for any coffee brewing technique is based on your preferences and the flavors you like. We’re here to help you steer your choice towards high-quality coffee beans. This list is exclusively made up of arabica beans grown in the most productive regions in the world each of which will guarantee an excellent French press coffee.

We recommend Lifeboost Medium Roast to be an all-around crowd-pleaser. These premium beans come with attractive tastes of nuts and chocolate with a smooth body. If you’re looking for the best quality at a reasonable price then look no further than Dark-roasted Major Dickason’s Peet’s Blend, rich with the aromas from dark chocolate almonds toasted and caramel.

The Best Coffee For French Press FAQs

What kind of coffee is best in a French press?

Medium-dark roasts are typically the most suitable option to use for French press coffee because they ensure that you get every single ounce of rich flowers and chocolate in each drink.

Can you use any ground coffee in a French press?

Coffee that has already been ground into a size that is suitable for drip coffee machines, however, it’s not the best choice when it comes to the french press (and obviously it’s usually aged and worn out).

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