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Verismo Milk Frother Review


Are you amongst those that love delicious  Starbucks drinks? With the Starbucks Verismo frother, you can produce these cafe-style creamy drinks at home. In mix with its popular espresso maker, these two devices make an excellent number of the Verismo system for making ideal all the trademark Starbucks coffee shop cappuccinos and lattes.


Continue reading the Verismo milk frother review about just how to froth your favored beverage with the most effective results. Key Specifications the model is easy to use and has a silent procedure setting. It is outfitted with an automated shut-off device when milk is currently frothed or steamed. The tool has the adhering to technological qualities:


verismo milk frother review
Verismo Milk Frother



13 cm x 13 cm x 19 cm (5.1″ x 5.1″ x 7.5″)


1 kg (2.3 pounds)


120 ml (4 fl oz)


1 cup




Design Elements

verismo milk frother review

The container of this device is made from plastic and also has a metal liner. The finishing is non-stick for very easy cleansing. The carafe is cordless, which is really hassle-free for lifting and putting in water. It has a gripping base and is easily removed from the foundation.

Consisted of Accessories

A unique electrical whisk for milk frothing is connected to the lid of the machine and connected to the jug with metal calls to the cover side.

When you close the lid to start making foam, ensure that the get-in touches on both the cover and a carafe are in one line.

The whisk is removable and can be cleaned.

Quality of Use

verismo milk frother review
Verismo Milk Frother

The home appliance collaborates with any kind of milk options and also non-dairy variants (soy, coconut, almond, etc.). It offers heat and also foam milk, in addition, to froth cold milk for iced beverages.

The device is fully automatic and runs with a one-touch switch. The frothing is carried out swiftly, within 2 minutes.

Utilized for making foam, the Verismo is capable of frothing 5 ounces of milk. Pour milk in a jug and also place a wire whisk on completion of the frothing assembly. Press the button on the tool for one second to create a hot froth. Hold the switch for 3 seconds to make a cold foam. Wait until the button transforms blue.

Utilized for steaming, the maker can heat 8.5 ounces of milk for your drink. All liquid sign levels are marked inside the container. To warm milk, put it in the jug and get rid of the cable whisk from the frothing setting up.


Cleaning Options

The device is very easy to clean. Wipe the exterior parts of the frothing mug as well as handwash it inside with a soft fabric. After use, clean the lid and also metal coil with cozy water since milk deposit might avoid the whisk from revolving appropriately and may impact milk temperature and foam high quality.

When cleaning, do not immerse the appliance right into the water. Simply rinse as well as wipe it. The jug can not be cleansed in the dishwashing machine, but its components are pretty secure.

Item Price

This design is extremely ranked as a result of individuals’ possibility to have popular Starbucks beverages homemade. The cost for this device is ordinary in comparison with other devices in this series available for sale.

The economically appealing price enables any coffee addict to feel himself a real in-door barista.

Pros and Cons

verismo milk frother review
Verismo Milk Frother

You will save a lot of cash money creating your preferred caramel macchiato from Starbucks in your home without signing up with the long early morning queues at this cafe. Because of the automation of Starbucks home appliances, their building and construction quality is unsatisfactory with other contenders. Here are all the advantages and disadvantages of this model.



Quiet operation mode
Automatic switch-off
Makes foam in non-dairy alternatives
Excellent froth quality
Affordable price
Quick frothing


Not ideal for frothing cold milk
Happens to burn milk if too little of it is used
Whisk assembly is not sturdy
The device won’t run if the lid is not properly closed or if the metal contacts need cleaning
Frothed milk is not very hot
The temperature cannot be adjusted
One cup capacity
Often breaks

In Conclusion

This Verismo design provided by this popular maker does a fantastic task in making fit to be tied and frothed milk for your favorite beverages. Nevertheless, the device is not able to manage foaming cold milk. A couple of other little points evidence that this appliance is somewhat frustrating, while the majority of individuals locate it rather ideal as well as cost-friendly.

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