Keurig K425 vs. K525: All The Differences Explained

Keurig K425 vs. K525

Keurig K425S
Keurig K425S


When it comes to single offer in-home coffee makers, Keurig is the most noted as well as the bought name in the business. For over thirty years they have actually been making coffee machines with one objective: Obtain you a cup of wonderful sampling coffee as well as do it quick.

So when you look at Keurig you will discover over 40 different choices. Which one is right for you? Today we will certainly compare the K425s and the K525c side-by-side to see which one is much better. Review the article listed below to figure out the blow by blow contrast, or if you need to know the result: The K525c is the much better option.

Keurig K525
Keurig K525

The most detailed comparison of Keurig K525c with other Keurig models can be seen here

The most detailed comparison of Keurig K425 with other Keurig models can be seen here

The  Comparison Chart
Currently, we will certainly compare both versions alongside so you can see all the functions.


Keurig K425

Keurig K525


2.4 inch touch

2.8 inch touch

Water Reservoir

70 ounces

80 ounces

Strength and Temperature



Programmable Clock



Water Filter



K-Cup Sizes

4, 6, 8, 10, 12 ounces

4, 6, 8, 10, 12 ounces

Carafe Sizes

22, 26, 30 ounces

22, 26, 30 ounces

My K-Cup




Yes/2 hours

Yes/2 hours

Customizable Wallpaper



Night Light




The Differences Of The Models

Like a great deal of the comparable aligned versions, there aren’t a lot of distinctions. The ones they do have, however, are big:

– The 425s has a 2.4-inch touch display; the 525c has a 2.8-inch touch display screen.
– The storage tank on the Keurig 525 is 80 ounces while the Keurig 425 is 70 ounces.
– The K525 has a night light built-in and also the K425 does not.
– You can tailor the display screen wallpaper on the 525 but out the 425.

The Similarities They Share

What they share in typical is abundant. Allow’s look:

– Each version has a strength control alternative.
– Both the 425 and the 525 likewise have a temperature level control and a programmable clock.
– The 425s along with the 525c included a water filter and also recyclable My K-Cup.
– The Keurig makers can make in 8 different ounce dimensions.
– They both have a setting for high altitude.
– Each design includes an auto-on and auto-off capacity.

Keurig K2.0
Keurig K2.0

Features and Options Information

Currently, I wish to dive a little deeper right into the attributes and also choices of both designs. You will certainly have a much better understanding of what they can so you can make an educated decision.


The controls on the models are practically the same. You have the solitary round switch on the front panel as well as a touch screen. To brew the coffee you simply have to push the button. During established and also programming you will set all of the attributes of the device up for daily use.

Making use of the touch display you will establish the temperature level, cup dimension, brew toughness, and if the pot needs to switch on at a particular time as well as begin brewing. This last attribute is really nice for awakening to a freshly brewed pot or a cup of coffee without needing to do anything while you are still dazed.

Bottom Line: A connection. The setups for brewing coffee are identical.


One of the distinctions in the models is the dimension of the water reservoir. The K425s has a 70-ounce reservoir while the K525c has an 80-ounce storage tank. Both are removable, and also will suit enough water to make numerous cups and even a few pitchers.
Which one works much better for you depends upon your individual requirements. If you only brew a mug or two days, after that I would certainly recommend the 425, as the smaller storage tank will be much less most likely to rest stagnant. You will desire freshwater more often, and with a little brew, 70 ounces is ample.
Nevertheless, if you are more like me as well as undergo a couple of pots each day, the bigger ability of the 525 could be your best bet.

Bottom Line: The K525 wins. Larger is usually far better when it comes to coffee.

Touch Display 

In addition to the developing button, you will certainly discover a touch screen display on the front panel of the coffee machine. There are a few differences right here.
First is the size of the display. The K425s has a 2.4-inch display screen where the K525c display screen is 2.8 inches. That near half an inch is big though, especially when you are attempting to stumble around at 6 in the morning looking through one open eye.
Other than the display size, they are practically the same. The brewing setups coincide, the maintenance informs still show the very same, and also your established alternatives have the same food selections.
Something that is various though, is the ability to pick a wallpaper for the screen. The 525 lets you pick a display wallpaper where the 424 does not. While this has no impact on the preference of your coffee it is a great feature if you are attempting to add aesthetics to your cooking area.
It must be noted that the K525 additionally has an evening light function. It isn’t the display screen, but instead an LED light on the storage tank side of the maker that will light up if you turn it on in the display screen. Unless you need to walk through the kitchen area on the way to the shower room at 3 am, it truly doesn’t have much of an use. However, it is a nice attribute if you require it.

Bottom Line: The K525 wins. Although the included functions don’t affect the flavor or development of the coffee, they behave.

The C and S Classifications

The Keurig 425 is not like the 425s. In these circumstances, the devices are exactly the exact same. Nonetheless, the “s” at the end of the model number stands for, well, it represents “bundle”. The K425s feature a water filter and the multiple-use My K-Cup. The conventional 425 does not have these choices. It also comes with a package of 24 K-Cups so you can have coffee the day you bring it house.
The “c” classification on the 525 design stands for “cup” (it truly does not however at the very least it matches. Keurig hasn’t mentioned what the letters actually represent). The 525c comes with the reusable My K-Cup where the 525 (without the c) does not.
Each of the versions (with the c or s) likewise comes with a water filter. That is the difference between the versions with the letter and the designs without.

Bottom Line: The K425s victories. It features more items than the K525c has conventional, yet it additionally comes with k-cups.

Brew  Sizes

Both the K425 and also K525 can make 8 different sizes for any of your needs. You can make individual cups in 5 different sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces. You will utilize the K-cup pods and select your brew dimension from the touch display.
You can likewise make use of the reusable My K-Cup which will certainly enable you to make use of any kind of vendor brand of coffee along with loose grounds like a standard coffee maker would use.
You will certainly additionally see choices for brewing pot-sized quantities. Both devices are capable of developing in 22, 26, or 30 ounces also. You will certainly require the Keurig Carafe for this, which is a different acquisition. Neither the 425 nor the 525 features the carafe.

Bottom Line: A connection. Both have the same mixture dimension capabilities.

What I Like About The Keurig K425s

– Stamina and temperature level controls.
– Auto-on/off attribute for automatic brewing or power conserving shut off.
– Several brewing sizes.
– Recyclable My K-Cup means you aren’t restricted to Keurig just coffee shucks.
– More economical than the 525c.

What I Like About The Keurig K525c

– Auto-on offers you a fresh coffee every morning.
– Night light makes the kitchen available at night.
– Huge touch display screen for very easy options.
– Programmable clock implies I can quit using the one on the oven.
– Larger water reservoir.

In Conclusion

– Both of the models will brew the same coffee in the exact same quantity of time (under a min for the k-cups!) and you can choose the stamina and also temperature for your coffee. So which one is right for you?

– If you don’t assume you will require the night light and also aren’t interested in the elegant display screen wall surface documents, then you might stick to the K425s. Even though it has a smaller tank, you will still obtain the very same coffee from the machine and also will conserve a little cash money. If you currently have the K425, it truly isn’t worth the upgrade to the K525.

– However, if you prefer a larger display screen, require a bigger water container and do not mind investing a little extra, then the K525c must be your selection. While the rate may be a little higher and also the real distinctions do not have any effect on the real coffee, The K525 is the newer design that may suffice to make it worth it.

My choice for the best of these 2 is the Keurig K525c.

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