Keurig K425s vs. K475: Brewer Battle

Keurig K425s vs. K475


If you are searching for the appropriate Keurig maker for you, you could have grown overwhelmed, overloaded, or perhaps disheartened. With over 30 different versions to choose from, just how do you understand which one is the very best?

Well, that is why I am below. Today I will show you the distinctions and also similarities of the Keurig K425s and the K475 in an attempt to lose some light on what is taking place over at Keurig. By the end of this write-up, you will understand which is the better maker as well as which one I select as the most effective choice. If you want to know beforehand: I select them both. Check out below to see why.

Keurig K475
Keurig K475

The most detailed comparison of Keurig K475 with other Keurig models can be seen here

The Comparison Chart
Let’s take a look at both makers alongside for far better contrast.


Keurig K 425s

Keurig K 475

Water Reservoir Size70 oz70 oz
Strength ControlYESYES
Temperature ControlYESYES
Display2.4” color touch2.4” color touch
Brew Sizes4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 26, 30 ounces4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 26, 30 ounces
Compatible PodsK-cup, K-mug, K-carafeK-cup, K-mug, K-carafe
Programmable ClockYESYES
Removable Drip TrayYESYES
Brew TimeLess than 1 minuteLess than 1 minute
Color OptionsBlack, Red, PearlBlack, Red, Pearl
Includes24 K-cup pods, My K-cup filter6 K-cup pods, Water filter kit
Keurig K 425S
Keurig K 425S

The Differences Of The Models

It is going to be an extremely list. The distinctions in the design numbers boil down to these couple of things:

– The Keurig 425s comes with 24 K-cup pods where the 475 features 6.
– Keurig put the recyclable My K-Cup filter in the K425s box and left it out of the K475.
– The Keurig 475 comes with a water filter kit that the 425s doesn’t have.

The Similarities They Share

So what do both types of equipment have in common? Whatever else, including:

– Both designs have the exact same 70-ounce water reservoir.
– Each of the pieces of equipment has a removable drip tray.
– There is a 2.4-inch full-color touch display screen on the 425s and also the 475.
– Keurig added temperature level and also brewing toughness manages to both versions.
– Each has the capacity to make use of either the K-cup, K-mug, or K-carafe pods.
– The K475 and also the K425s can make 11 different sizes.
– Both of the coffee makers have a programmable clock.
– Automobile on and Auto-off setups coincide for the Keurig 425s and also 475.
– Each version has the same 3 color alternatives.
– The Keurig 475 and Keurig 425s can make a cup in less than a min.

Features and Options Information

I will certainly offer you a detailed look at the popular attributes as well as alternatives so you will have a better understanding of exactly how these equipment make your coffee.

The Removable  Parts

There are two removable parts of the Keurig K425s and K475: The water reservoir and the drip tray. These pieces play an essential role in the brewing of your morning coffee.

The drip tray is a two-piece tray with a collection storage tank and a vex top. Under typical developing conditions, you will certainly establish your cup or mug on the grate to be loaded by the maker. When it is eliminated, however, you can utilize the Keurig Carafe or place a traveling cup beneath. It will permit travel bone up to 7.5 inches to be placed under as well as filled up.
You must change the drip tray when you have completed the pitcher or travel cup. Water, coffee residues, and drips will certainly continue to splash down after you remove your cup. The drip tray will accumulate these drips and also being removable in addition to the swimsuit will certainly allow for simple cleansing.

The water reservoir is just one of the biggest offered by Keurig. The fact that is it detachable is very practical. Since it is such a big capability (2nd only to the 80-ounce storage tank of later versions) the capability to remove it makes it much easier to replenish.

Hand cleaning, descaling along with including as well as removing the water filters becomes less of a chore due to the fact that the storage tank can be separated.

Bottom Line: This is a connection. The removable parts are the same on both versions.

Settings and Controls

On the 2.4-inch shade touch display, you will locate developing options, setups, and other menus. You have a lot of options with the K425s as well as K475. Once the water is in the reservoir, the hull in the sheath cup, and your mug underneath, you can use the food selection to start developing. Making use of the settings as well as options makes the coffee particular to your needs and tastes.

You can adjust the temperature level of the coffee which enables you to make a somewhat cooler cup if you remain in a hurry and also can not wait for it to cool normally. You can additionally pick the mixture toughness. The optimum mixture, according to Keurig, is a K-pod with the default setups for temperature and also toughness readied to a 6-ounce size.

Some like their coffee stronger or weak though, and various sizes may require to be altered to taste. You can also get rid of the skin, leaving the hull mug open, and make simply warm water using the menu switches.

Each available capsule size (cup, mug, pitcher) will certainly have its very own menu. You will certainly have the ability to scroll through the numerous brew sizes for that specific vessel. There are additional choices for cleaning, descaling, and maintenance signals that will certainly be accessed with the setup menu.

Finally, there is a digital clock that you can establish, see and make use of. This will not only enable you to have an appear the kitchen area (you can stop checking out your stove now) but will be available in helpful with the automated timer features I am about to clarify.

Bottom Line: One more connection. The screen screens and also food selections are additionally similar.

Automatic Start and Automatic Shut Off

2 other setups I really did not state above are automatic on and automated off. I will start with the auto OFF.

Automatic  OFF is enabled by default and also I extremely recommend you leave it in this way. When it is made it possible for the energy financial savings of the maker to kick on. As long as the 425s, and 475, get on, the heating unit will maintain the water in the tank mixture temperature prepared. If you leave your home for the day as well as do not transform the device off. you will waste electrical energy and wear down the heater life-span.

Automatic  OFF will transform the coffee maker off after two hours of inactivity.

The automatic ON feature will certainly utilize the clock (I informed you I would certainly reach this) and also an established time set by you. Once this is allowed you need to guarantee the tank has water, there is a husk in the skin cup and also a cup under the spout.

When the clock checks out the moment embedded in the program, the Keurig will turn on, warm the water and brew a mug of coffee. This made it possible for, you can get up, roll out of bed and also have a nice hot mug of joe awaiting you.

Bottom Line: Yet another tie. It’s almost like they are the same machine or something.

Brew Sizes

Both the K425s and the K475 have 11 brew sizes and are compatible with three pods. You will have your choice of making a solitary cup dimension with the K-Cup pods. You can use the K-Cup menu selection to pick between 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces.
If you utilize a K-mug pod, the equivalent menu will permit you to select between 14, 16, or 18 ounces. Finally, the K-carafe pods will certainly brew in 3 sizes as well: 22, 26, and 30 ounces.

It ought to be kept in mind that if K-carafe and an associated brew size are picked, you need to have one of the two styles of carafes in position and locked in. If the coffee maker does not pick up the pitcher in place, it will not make it. The carafes are sold separately.

Bottom Line: You guessed it, another tie. Something is definitely going on below.

Included Extras

Now points obtain fascinating. Both designs have different extras consisted of in the product packaging. Let’s see what we get!

In the Keurig K425s, you will get four boxes. In one box you will certainly find a multiple-use My K-cup filter pod. It is a little coffee filter that resembles a pod, yet it has a mesh filter screen and a plastic body frame.
With this, you can brew a cup from your very own coffee grounds (or as I found out if you accidentally break a K-cup pod and do not intend to throw it out). You can after that rinse and reuse as much as you are.

The other three boxes will certainly contain K-cup pods of different tastes. You get 24 K-cups in all, sufficient for a few weeks well worth of coffee and you reach sample flavors you may not normally acquire.

In the Keurig K475, you will certainly get 2 boxes. In the very first, you will certainly also obtain a K-cup pod in numerous tastes. However, you will only obtain 6 of them. It is still a wonderful little variety and you can evaluate a taste without spending cash on a box to discover you do not like it.

The various other box consists of the Keurig water filter set. It is the water filter manager made use of to remove and change the filters, and also two of those charcoal filters. These will maintain your water clean and pure as well as your coffee sampling wonderful.

Don’t stress over the word charcoal in there. Charcoal is an all-natural filter as well as will not make your coffee preference like a July fourth bbq.

Bottom Line: Ultimately! It is still a connection. Exactly how can you select one over the various others?

What I Like About  The Keurig K425s

– Super quick brewing time of under a minute!
– Large, full-color touch display screen.
– Automatic shut off and start.
– Included My K-cup reusable pod.

What I Like About the Keurig K475

– Strength and Temperature controls.
– Programmable clock.
– 11 total brew sizes.
– Huge and user-friendly color touch screen.

In Conclusion

– If you aren’t mindful now, through my comprehensive hinting and finger-pointing in the above post: the Keurig K425s and K475 coincide coffee machine.

– What?! I hear you, fellow viewers, I was just as stunned as you are. It holds true though. Each and every single element of the real equipment equals. So just how can you select which one is much better? You actually can’t. A minimum of I can’t.

– Some will try to inform you that there are distinctions in the mechanics inside the equipment. This simply isn’t real, however. Each device has the very same series, base model as well as production line numbers within. There are no changes here.

– While it holds true that Keurig does often make small upgrades with a new model number, the fact continues to be, they didn’t right here. Every now and then (all right, it’s actually pretty typical) the version numbers describe the benefit extras included or a particular store it was packaged for (remember the 525″ c” ?).

– What we have below is similar prices on the same versions with the only distinction being what else is in the package. So which one is better? Some will say that the water filter package is better since it is an acquisition you will have to make also eventually.

– I respond with, sure, but $40 well worth of coffee is something you will have to buy additionally. And as an added bonus offer you get to use up the remainder of your present coffee grounds utilizing the My K-cup filter. Which might just be an optional purchase otherwise.

– I can’t decide for you. You need to position the better value on the benefit things on your own. That is why I declare this battle a full draw.

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