Keurig K400 VS K500 : Which One Wins?

Difference between Keurig K400 and K500

Keurig K475

We don’t believe that we need to start this article by introducing the brand name Keurig. It is a popularly-known brand when it pertains to coffee makers.

Keurig’s name is taken with complete happiness in the marketplace. No question, it is just one of the best readily available coffee maker brand names readily available.

Well, we are not thoughtlessly praising Keurig name, yet it actually shows consistent and also outstanding efficiency and also is likewise user-friendly. Keurig 2.0 is the most up-to-date advancement by the brand name, and both the designs K400 and K500 exist under the group.


Different models exist under this classification, yet our emphasis will certainly be on K400 as well as K500.
So if you’re preparing to get or perplexed amongst these two products, then e would suggest you check out the whole material. In this post, firstly we’ll know about both the models independently, in addition to their benefits and drawbacks.
Later, we’ll compare both of them with specific criteria. And we can strongly claim that, once you read this content to you’ll remain in a comfortable position to select one out of 2s. So with no hold-up, allow’s get going.


Keurig k575 Coffee Maker

The Contrast Chart

Keurig K400

Keurig K500

Series 2.02.0
Dimensions10.4 x 13.6 x 13.4 inches10.5  x 13.3 x13.2 incles
Weighs12.8 Pounds12 Pounds
Water reservoir70 oz80 oz
Automatic on/offYesYES
K-Cup Sizes4,6,8,10,12 oz4,6,8,10,12 oz
Carafe Sizes22,26,30 oz22,26,30 oz
Customizable WallpaperNOYES
Night LightNOYES
Programmable ClockYESYES
Strength and TemperatureYESYES



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Features Keurig K400

This Keurig K400 is a coffee maker that is developed with the most current 2.0 innovation from the firm. The product is offered in 9 various sizes which is a good thing. So you can choose any type of model that meets up your requirement. Checking out specifications, the product evaluates 9.5 pounds and arrives with the measurements of 10.4 x 13.6 x 13.4 inches. On the whole, it’s an excellent alternative for the customers and they need to take care of it.



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Features Keurig  K500

Keurig K500 is one more 2.0 Keurig coffee machine device which is the fastest and quietest version offered. Speaking about layout, the grey body looks cool in the cooking area counter, and this uplifts the view of the surrounding.

At the front, you obtain a color touchscreen panel as well as at the center there are easy coffee controls. As a solitary cup coffee maker, the designs carry out well and include whole lots and a lot of features.
Generally, it’s an excellent iron for interested buyers.


Comparison: How They Differ?

We’ll contrast both the designs at really minimal parameters. We do not wish to create any kind of sort of mess by comparing them to several elements. In this post, we’ll look at the differences among both models that will certainly be based upon their style and features.


Pertaining to style, both the designs of Keurig K400 as well as K500 have several similarities. Both look practically the very same, are of the exact same size as well as have even the same weight, basically.
Both the models are small which permits you to put them anywhere you want. The dimension is too small that you can also put it over a table or at the corner of your kitchen.

Both the designs come with a tinted digital touchscreen, however, right here we would like to tell you K500 had a bigger screen than K400. Looking at specifications, K500 comes with a 3.5″ touch screen, while K400 features a 2.4″ display. No question, the larger screen enables you to review details much more plainly.

Besides this, Keurig K500 comes with a somewhat larger water storage tank when contrasted to K400. K500 has an 80 oz water reservoir, while the K400 model has 70 oz. This difference will certainly not make a large change, however, this is approximately equal to 1 or 2 cups.

Features & Performance

Checking outperformance, both the models can developing tasty coffee at the exact same price. As well as after seeing this, we can say that both are quick makers without a doubt. Actually, both the designs can serve you cups of coffee in less than 2 mins.
Furthermore, both the models are compatible with various K-Cup, K-Mug, and also K-Carafe pods. All such are offered in the marketplace, which you can buy based on your requirement.

Now it’s time to consider a few of the distinctions between these 2. So below, we would certainly like to inform you all that K500 shows some more convenient features than K400.

It has the function of providing hot water and cleansing brew, which you’ll not locate in the other one. These features are non-existence in it, but you can use them by running a brew cycle without maintaining any husk there. Besides this, both include a programmable clock, but with Keurig K500, you can also set the wallpaper and evening light.


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In Conclusion

Look, there are some minors differences among both the items, which includes water container capacity and hot water function.
But this doesn’t imply that you are really clear about your selection. Of the brand is providing even more features, after that it’s evident it’ll bill much more too. So it’s all upon you to look and also look for your demands and needs, and after that opt for the solitary product.

We below will not state one version as a clear victor, as though unfair to the various other ones. Moreover, every buyer has their very own choice and needs, so we leave this upon you to make the last telephone call. Yet that’s quite sure, after reading this web content you’ll be recognizing every feature of K400 and  K500. And this will certainly help you while comparing in between two.



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