Keurig 460 vs 560: Which One Wins?

Keurig 460 vs 560

When it pertains to quality makers, Keurig is one of the popular choices that you have readily available. Original Keurig brewers were simple in comparison with contemporary items.

If you wanted a cup of coffee or tea, you would insert the pod and press a button to start the brew.

The 2.0 series was Keurig’s answer to individuals’ demand for more brewing sizes, individualized coffee, and extra features.

Although 2.0 brewers have some drawbacks worrying pod and carafe compatibility, they are increasing in appeal amongst coffee lovers.

In today’s review, we will be taking a substantial take a look at 2 of Keurig’s 2.0 coffee makers: the K560 and the K460.

Keurig 2.0 K560
Keurig 2.0 K560

These models are a step up from entry-level single-cup brewers that can only brew single cup sizes.

The K560 and the K460 share some sophisticated features that you can anticipate discovering with higher-end makers.

They can brew carafes of as much as 30 oz, they have color touchscreen displays, and their heating and brewing times are quick in comparison with makers in their cost class.

In regards to quality and durability, the K460 performs the same as the K560. Both are premium items that will satisfy your demand for convenience and customization.

Selecting in between these two designs can, nevertheless, posture a challenge. The K560 costs more than the K460. When comparing important features like developing times and cup sizes, the K560’s higher price might seem odd. Initially glance, they appear to be basically the very same.

So, should you pay more for the K560? Let’s take an extensive take a look at these 2 high-end brewers from Keurig to see if we can discover.


The Contrast Chart

Keurig k460

Keurig k560


Brewing Options and Cup Customization

Keurig 2.0 K560

The K460 and K560 provide a lot of programmable customization when it comes to the strength and temperature level of the brew. Both of these designs have a digital clock function and, to save energy, you can set both of them to switch off automatically.

These 2 brewers can brew as much as 30 oz carafes. Where the K560 performs better than the K460, nevertheless, is with its hot water on-demand functionality.

The K560 also has 10 developing sizes, consisting of 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz for K-Mug pods.

The K460, on the other hand, has nine developing sizes. Where the K560 has three K-Mug pod brewing sizes, the K460 just has 2: 12 oz and 14 oz.

The K560 and the K460 use the very same variety of brewing sizes listed below 10 oz.
If you like to fill your big travel mug before work, for example, you may prefer the larger 16 oz brewing option that the K560 has to use.



Design and Functionality

The K560 has a rather larger design to accommodate the 80-ounce water reservoir, which is 10 ounces more than the container of the K470.
Since the K470’s tank can only take 70 ounces, it will need more refilling than the K560.

Filling up times might appear unimportant, but if you have a big family or office staff, it can quickly become redundant. It comes down to one entire 10 oz mug less per filling that you get with the K460.

The K560 also has a more prominent touchscreen screen than the K460. The K560 has a 2.8″ XL color touch screen where the K460 has a narrower 2.4″ color touchscreen.

Although this doesn’t affect the programmability of the K460, the narrower screen might not enable the exact same pleasant interaction as the larger 2.8″.

The K560 has a programmable nightlight that allows for operation without you having to turn on overhead kitchen area lighting. The K460 does not have this function.

What it does have, however, is a car brew setting along with a different setting for specialty drinks.

The K560 features upkeep informs to assist you to keep in mind filter changes and cleansing, which can, ultimately, extend the life-span of the unit.

Heating and Brewing Times

Keurig 2.0 K560
Keurig 2.0 K560

Extremely couple of K-Cup brewers have the warm water on-demand feature. Given that the K560 has this function, you will not have to wait as long to start your brew.

Having said that, the K460’s pre-heating time doesn’t take longer than 3 minutes.

Both the K460 and the K560 permit programmable preheating. If you have your coffee at a particular time in the morning, for instance, you can configure your maker to begin increasing the water temperature level right prior to you get up.

With both the K460 and K560, you can expect a fast brewing time and the most ideal brew setting for the pod that you inserted into the K-Cup. You can, of course, alter this setting to your taste.

Extra Features

When you buy the 560, you will get 48 compatible K-Cup packs, 4 K-Carafe sample pods, a carafe, and a water filter set.

With the 460, you will get42 K-Cup packs, 4 K-Carafe sample packs, and a starter carafe.

In Conclusion

Although the K560 has a higher price tag than the K460, it seems to be the very best alternative without a doubt. It uses another K-Mug brewing size than the K460, and at 80 ounces, the K560’s water tank is 10 ounces larger than K460’s container.

The larger touch screen and programmable nightlight also make interaction with the 560 far more enjoyable.
Whether these extra features are worth the greater cost is debatable, however, they are not the only benefits that the 560 has more than the 460.

The complimentary water filter system and carafe that you get with the 560 likewise add a lot of value.

In conclusion, it would seem that a limited budget is the only factor one would pick the 460 over the 560.

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