Jura E8 Coffe Machine Ultimate Review 2022

Today let’s talk about the Jura E8 coffee machine. The scent of a freshly made cup of coffee in the early morning hours is among the most enjoyable things in life.

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machines 15271, 64Fl oz, Chrome
  • 17 Programmed Specialties: The new Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Center will now prepare 17 programmed specialties including Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino, CaffF Barista, Americano, Espresso doppio, Macchiato, Cortado, Latte macchiato, Flat white, Portion of milk foam and Lungo at a touch
  • Professional Aroma Grinder: The Professional Aroma Grinder ensures 12.2% more aroma and consistently high grind quality so that flavors unfold to perfection throughout the entire service life of the grinder
  • Pulse Extraction Process: The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) ensures maximum flavor for short specialties, while intelligent preheating ensures the ideal temperature right from the first cup
  • 2.8-Inch Display: A 2.8-inch color display, six buttons, and a completely new operating concept featuring artificial intelligence enable simple handling. Product settings and their positions on the screen can be adapted and product names can be displayed or hidden. All relevant information regarding the coffee machine as well as pending care instructions is presented clearly in the Cockpit via the display
  • Harmonious Design: It features a clean and expressive characteristic design. High-quality materials and precise craftsmanship underline the premium quality of the modern E8. It's styling alone is evidence of its quality, functionality, and durability. Details such as the grooved water tank or the high-quality, chrome-plated cup grille perfectly complement the clean, harmonious design of the E8

A lot of people go to their favorite coffee place every day to indulge in this. But, thanks to Jura E8, the Jura E8 super-automatic espresso machine you can enjoy this in the comfort of home.

Continue reading through this Jura E8 review to learn what is what makes this Jura E8 espresso machine the best choice for coffee lovers.

Jura E8 Overview

Jura E8 Overview

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The E8 is the most recent version of Jura’s most-seller range of fully-automated espresso machines, which has succeeded in finding an acceptable middle ground between price, build quality, and performance.

What is the exact meaning of that?

  • High-end build quality: It’s a Jura, which means that the E8 is built from high-end internal brewing components, and then put together in either Switzerland or Portugal.
  • Cost: Though certainly not the most expensive super-automatic coffee machine but the E8 is priced competitively within Jura’s product range. It’s priced at the same that is comparable to the more limited and less features-rich ENA 8, but it also includes many of the amazing features of the higher-priced S8.
  • Speed: In terms of quality of brew it is said that the E8 is on par with the top-of-the-line Jura espresso maker (with some unique advanced features that are built-in). However, to reduce 20 to 25 percent off the price of the S8 there are a few desirable features that are required to be added.

What features did Jura take off of the E8 that you’ll find on the more expensive S8?

  • The E8 comes with a 2.8″ color display that does not have touch capability compared to S8’s 4.3″ touch-screen color display.
  • The E8 doesn’t come with ristretto double ristretto, macchiato and latte macchiato.
  • The E8 is slightly smaller in the clearance of the cappuccino and coffee spills (0.2″ lesser) and a much smaller clearance below hot water spray (1.8″ smaller).

For many coffee-lovers, these features aren’t significant enough to warrant paying 20 to 25% more. This is the reason Jura E Series espresso machines have received much applause.

Some consumers believe that if they’re planning to invest near two thousand dollars or more in an espresso machine that is super-automatic it’s best to make it right. Because this device will serve as your coffee partner for a long time.

Jura E8 Overview

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  • The new Jura AromaG3 grinder, as well as P.E.P. variable pressure extraction, results in an even more complex coffee that has a 12.2 percent higher aroma (measured by the number of Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Environmentally friendly with both auto-off mode and Zero-Energy switch (ensures the machine draws zero power when the switch is engaged)
  • It is equipped with Jura’s innovative HP3 milk system, which offers 17 different brewing options at a single touch such as double espresso double long coffee cortados, and much more.
  • The Smart mode option sorts drinks based on the screen according to how often you choose them
  • Integral with Jura’s J.O.E. application that lets you brew coffee remotely
  • It doesn’t come with Jura’s pre-heating system that ensures the machine doesn’t heat up enough between brew cycles
  • Doesn’t offer ristretto or double ristretto brew options
  • You can’t save and personalize your own customized beverages
  • The color display is not compatible with touch and requires that you press the appropriate buttons
  • While it’s worth the cost The price is substantially higher than comparable models made by other brands

Design And Build Quality

Jura E8 espresso machine Jura E8 espresso machine is Swiss-designed and has a sleek minimalist exterior. It comes in three colors: chrome, Piano black, and white.

The E8 has a TFT-LCD display that shows all beverage options and options. The Jura coffee maker has the traditional design, using physical buttons rather than a touchscreen. There are six physical buttons that are compatible with the options on the screen.

This Jura E8 espresso machine features two Spouts. The coffee spout in the front is designed for ristretto espresso and coffee. The fine foam frother to the right side is used to make any milk-based beverage. They both have adjustable sides, which means there is enough room to fit various coffee cups.

  • 3-Level Hot Water Function
  • 12 Individually Programmable Specialties
  • Pulse Extraction Process
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.)
  • Multi-Level Conical Grinder
  • 15 Bar Pressure Pump
  • Jura Fine Foam Technology
  • 8 Programmable Coffee Strength Levels
  • Adjust Coffee Strength For Each Brew
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • CLEARYL Smart Filter Cartridge
  • Integrated Rinsing, Cleaning, Descaling Program
  • Hot Water Spout
  • 2-year warranty on the manufacturer.
  • Made in Europe

You can load bags of whole coffee beans into the bean hopper and put ground coffee that has been pre-ground in the ground chutes. If you have a family with different preferences in coffee, like one person prefers decaf or a different variety of coffee, you’ll appreciate this feature.

The burr grinder that comes with the E8 is of top quality, featuring the option of six grinding settings. It’s quieter than other coffee machines that are automated. It is easy to adjust the machine at this machine’s top.

Overall, this mid-priced Jura coffee machine is constructed with top-quality materials and is stylish and attractive.

Colors and Differences Between the Versions of the Jura E8

Jura E8 White

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The 2019 shiny Chrome versions of the Jura E8 are fully automatic espresso machines and are priced slightly higher in comparison to its Piano Black or White versions. It is worth noting that the White Jura E8 was released in the United States in 2020. It’s Piano Black Jura E8 became available in 2021.

Apart from the color and the design, you may also see older models like the model from 2015, the Jura E8, which has identical dimensions as the model of 2019 but weighs 21.6 pounds less. The most recent version has some significant improvements such as an upgraded Jura Aroma G3 grinder, which is twice as speedy as its predecessor and has more hot water as well as coffee options.

Its Jura Aroma G3 grinding machine integrates with Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process -P.E.P. – to improve the extraction of coffee and provide an unparalleled celebration of flavor to your taste.

A noticeable distinction is the more modern upgraded, more pampered-out milk system, also known as Professional Fine Foam technology. Instead of an auto frothers dial version, the 2019 model comes with a switch that allows you to alter the microfoam’s thickness but be used to toggle the microfoam’s temperature for hot milk.

Although the Jura E8 review is based on the latest version, I’ve used the previous milk system with results that are amazing. Don’t let this discourage you from getting a great bargain on a brand new or second-hand 2015 machine.

Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

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Jura E8 is a simple machine to use. Jura E8 is easy to make use of despite its numerous options for drinks and features. It is possible to use the buttons and display of the device to make your choices regarding drinks. You can also make use of an app on your phone to control the Jura E8 (Additional WiFi connect accessory is required).

It is possible to use the recipes that are pre-loaded in the E8. You can also personalize each of them by pressing the recipe button. You can also alter your coffee pour’s height in order to fit your preferred cups.

The E8 can store as many as 16 times of used grounds in separate coffee grounds containers. This means that you won’t need to throw away the used grounds prior to making another pot of coffee. Furthermore, the reservoir for water is 64oz, which is approximately 10 6-ounce cups.

The E8 super-automatic espresso maker is optimized to ensure it makes making beverages simple and quick. For instance, in making the Latte Macchiato, all you need to do is hit one button. The machine will crush the beans, mix the milk, and finally serve the espresso. Then you’ll get a delicious Latte Macchiato just by pressing one button!

Making Espresso With the Jura E8 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Making Espresso With the Jura

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Superautomatic espresso machine makers are known to give every component a fancy name. Jura’s Intelligent Water System – I.W.S. is a case in the point. My view is that if the devices were created by engineers, you’d expect them to operate in a more or less efficient manner. What do you think Jura trying to communicate to me when in reality the term is clearly visible because it is not in the operating manual?

It’s not surprising that Jura has also made sure its brewing technology, also known as Pulse Extract Process – P.E.P. – also sounds like hot music. The hype is justifiable since the method is quite distinctive and efficient.

Although P.E.P. operates in a different way than a portafilter. Espresso from Jura E8 Jura E8 coffee machine is delicious to look at.

The reason is the automated espresso machine pushes water through the coffee grounds in a series of brief bursts. It is possible to feel these pulses as you go through extracting. The purpose of portafilters is to create the same water pressure and flow rates.

We’re sorry, Jura however, this means that defining the maximum pressure of the pump on the E8 less important than it is. The manufacturers claim that their pump can generate up to 15 bar of pressure purely by the force of habit. Why? Like computers or smartphones, many users use performance numbers as a basis to compare various products.

I understand I understand that. However, it’s often wrong to believe that higher numbers are always superior. That 15 bar of pressure in the pump is an excellent illustration. There’s more to an excellent espresso than the sheer quantity of pressure.

One reason that I discover that makes the P.E.P. interesting is extraction is a major problem in the design of super-automatic espresso machines. The super-fine grounds, essential to the process of making espresso, are extremely difficult to deal with and can pose a serious danger of clogging their insides.

Now you understand the reason why fully automated espresso machines make more coarse coffee grounds than the one that is found in traditional portafilter machines even at the highest setting. A coarser grind typically decreases the intensity of the shot. The intensity, however, is the purpose of espresso.

This is what drives manufacturers to come up with methods to make maximum benefit from the extraction, despite the more coarse grounds. P.E.P. is one of these systems. It is possible that in the near future fully automated espresso could be an art form as a whole rather than a simple replica of the portafilter process.

Imagine how exciting a shift within the coffee world this could be. For clarity, I wouldn’t have said that if the espresso of Jura E8 hadn’t Jura E8 hadn’t won me over. I was completely enthralled by the coffee. After my experience of a bad one some time ago it was a pleasing unexpected experience.

The Jura espresso is full-bodied, with an intense, dark crema, there are no unpleasant bitter flavors. Furthermore, it’s the full representation of the aroma of coffee beans. In terms of espresso, this machine Jura E8 has definitely earned its place in the super-automatic espresso machine world. This is a huge thumbs up from me.

Drink Options

Drink Options

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It is said that the Jura E8 can make a large variety of drinks, not the standard espresso. It can also be used for making ristretto as well as a lungo. Thanks to the large grinder it is possible that the E8 can create an espresso shot in two shots in addition.

Apart from an espresso in addition to espresso, the E8 can also make long-blacks americanos, regular espresso. Additionally, it can also make cappuccinos, lattes macchiatos, lattes, as well as flat whites. You can prepare all these drinks with the push of a button. The milk spout can be used to pour hot water too. making the tea and Americano is simple.

You can also enjoy the pre-programmed coffee recipes. If you prefer to have your own preferences you can set to program the Jura E8 yourself. You can alter the size of the grind, dimensions of the shot, foam thickness, strength of coffee, and quantity of milk. The E8 allows you to have complete control over the morning coffee you drink.

The E8 is among the most luxurious models offered by Jura. Its quality as well as the number of milk drinks are what sets the E8 apart from other Jura models. If you’re seeking a machine that can make simple black coffees or offers smaller selections of specialty coffee and are more budget-friendly, Jura machines like Jura A1 and E6 will meet your requirements.

Cleaning the Jura E8: How to Keep Your Machine Spotless

Cleaning the Jura

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The fixed brew group that comes with Jura machine coffee makers is my main gripe with the Jura brand. If you follow a few easy steps, you’ll be able to take the brew groups out of the majority of super automatics and clean it up by hand. Because I place a high value on hygiene, it appears to be a more effective solution.

Coffee Granules as well as a humid environment provide a well-groomed breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. So, any residue left behind from a high-speed espresso machine can have an immediate negative effect on the quality of coffee. If left to build up in the long-term and cause damage to the machine, they could render the machine inoperable.

It’s a good reason to ensure that everything is fresh and tidy, which is why I recommend that you remove the brew group on a regular basis by washing it in water, and then allowing it to dry. But, this isn’t an option for the Jura coffee maker since bolts and welding ensure that no budge.

This makes buying a Jura coffee maker an exercise in trust. In terms of hygiene, my philosophy is that trust is great but control is superior. Although, Jura would not have stuck with this method over the years in the event that it didn’t work.

So, How Does the Self-Cleaning Function on the Jura E8 Work?

Self-Cleaning Function

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Cleaning and rinsing functions for espresso and coffee and The Jura E8 milk froth, that needs to be cleaned out after every use. To accomplish this you can set the machine to remind you to start the purge or trust you to remember.

The manufacturer suggests cleansing the milk systems in a timely manner at the end of each day’s usage. This does not just mean adhering to the cleaning procedure I have described along by using Jura milk System Cleaner but also removing as well as dismantling the fine foam and cleaning it with a hand.

Once you turn the Jura coffee machine turned to on or turned off, it will automatically wash its coffee machine. A more thorough clean is required after 80 drinks, however, the machine will alert you to clean it. Jura suggests using its brand products during this 20 minutes procedure.

Of course, each brand offers its own brand of products, but as you’re putting your trust in Jura with the hygiene of your machine I’d suggest there’s no need to use half measures.

Then you’ll need to run the mandatory descaling software. But, according to their manufacturer, there’s no be required to use it when you are using one of the Claris filters. Jura sings from my book on this particular point. I recommend using filtered water since it makes more flavor and also protects your espresso maker. It’s even more important if the drinking water from the tap is hard. Are you unsure of your water’s hardness? This is exactly what the test strip is designed to do.

Again, the machine will inform you when to start the 40-minute program when you’re required to scale.

Simply dissolve the tablets for descaling into water. Then pour the solution into the tank and begin the program. This Jura E8 manual walks you through the process step-by-stage.

It’s almost obvious that you should regularly clean your drip tray as well as the dregs boxes. If I say “regularly,” I’m referring to every day. It’s not possible to throw them into the dishwasher.

Verdict and Final Takeaways on the Jura E8 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Verdict Jura

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A price isn’t anything to be snubbed at. However, after having put this Jura coffee maker to the test I’m not sure if it’s overpriced. This is a big deal for every coffee aficionado. Obviously, if you’re operating in a pinch there are different brands with less expensive machines that perform well enough.

It’s a great machine. Jura E8 is in no way expensive in terms of an absolute value for the cost. Its sleek design is complemented with milk foam and espresso which is superior to what you’d think of from a top-of-the-line espresso machine. From the high-quality workmanship to the extensive selection of settings and cleaning programs, all the way to the smartly designed and simple operation The Jura espresso machine ticks each of the boxes.

I highly recommend this machine. highly, particularly since I’ve had only positive experiences using it. It’s difficult to pinpoint any flaws with it.

As I’ve conducted the Jura E8 review My skepticism towards Jura has been largely gone and I’m looking at trying out other models from their range. The most prominent spot is that of the Jura Z6. It’s definitely in the class of luxury, and I’m eager to take it for a spin.

My final word is: If you’re searching for the highest-quality super-automatic espresso maker located in the upper middle of the spectrum and you like the sounds of the options and settings this Jura espresso machine has to offer I would suggest it without a doubt.


When was Jura E8 made?

The White Jura E8 was released in the United States in 2020. It’s Piano dark black Jura E8 became available in 2021. In addition to the colors, you may see the earlier 2015 Jura E8, which has similar dimensions to the 2019 model, however, it is 21.6 kilograms less.

Are Jura machines worth it?

It’s all about money as well as personal tastes and your preferences. The Jura machine at home can produce great coffee. It’s always a wonderful morning to begin your day with a delicious morning cup of coffee. The top end of the range of prices is that of the Jura Z6, one of the most sophisticated machines from Jura.

How long should a Jura coffee machine last?

Jura machine for coffee lasts between 5 to seven years. It’s similar to the time span of Saeco or Delonghi super-automatic espresso and coffee machines.

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