How to Clean a Ninja Coffee Maker The Best Guide 2022

How to clean a Ninja Coffee Maker? Every morning, a lot of us go to the cafeteria and rely on it to power our day by drinking one (or several) glasses of coffee. While the fashionable or seasonal beverages of our time are trendy, the art of making coffee has been around since ancient times.

An Ethiopian legend says the story of a herder who stumbled upon coffee beans in berries located on the Ethiopian plateau. Their goats ate them and were so lively that they couldn’t rest during the night. After a while, the berries were eaten by humans which led to increased alertness.

How to Clean a Ninja Coffee Maker The Best Guide 2022

The coffee we are familiar with has taken all over the globe, sweeping to the east and quickly spreading out of coffee production and trade within The Arabian Peninsula. Within no long time at all, the coffee drink was being consumed in households and in cafe-like environments. Coffee’s popularity grew through the 17th century, and in the late 17th century coffee had become a popular drink in Europe.

The majority of people preferred tea within the eastern part of the hemisphere up to 1773, when colonists rebelled against the tea tax (The Boston Teaparty), and, from that point on, coffee became the number one crop. As time passed, coffee production grew to a higher level, and competition intensified until by the end of the 18th century coffee was among the most lucrative export products.

Now, fast forward to the present in which many of us are unable to go an entire day without our Keurig and Ninja coffee maker or Starbucks drive-through. No matter if you’re heavily dependent upon your home-based coffee maker or not, they’ll be dirty. An investigation discovered that the water reservoir of coffee makers is among the dirtiest areas in the kitchen when not regularly cleaned.

So, get ready to discover a few simple ways to get your coffee maker to fresh.

What Is a Ninja Coffee Bar

A Ninja Coffee Bar is a fully-equipped brewing system. With just a single machine, anyone can make a variety of sizes of filter coffee ranging from a large carafe up to a robust 4-ounce cup, each with different brew strengths. It can also foam milk by using the built-in milk mixer.

The carafe along with this Ninja Coffee Bar, as equipped with twin coffee makers, could be glass or thermal according to the model you select. Due to the Ninja being an automatic filter coffee maker instead of a K-cup brewer, one can create wonderful pour-over espresso extremely quickly.

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker With White Vinegar?

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker With White Vinegar

To keep your Ninja coffee maker in top condition, it’s essential to thoroughly clean it. The hard water deposits build up within the machine, which hinders its efficiency. Ninja’s coffee maker comes with an integrated clean cycle feature to keep your next cup of coffee fresh and tasty. This feature is easy to operate and requires the combination of white vinegar with water to achieve the desired result.



  • Two Cups of White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Carafe
  • Brush


  • The first step is to remove any coffee or water ground in the reservoir of the unit.
  • Put two cups of white vinegar into the reservoir of water in your coffee maker.
  • Then, fill the rest of the reservoir with a sufficient quantity of water. But don’t overfill it.
  • Then, put the carafe inside the brewing container and turn the machine’s dial for “Full Carafe.”
  • After that click on the “Clean” option. It will take approximately one hour to completely remove the scale and clean the machine.
  • After about an hour, drain the carafe’s water from the sink.
  • Cleanse the carafe and net baskets, as well as the reservoir with a scrubber and plenty of water.
  • Then, place the carafe back underneath the brewing container then fill the reservoir completely.
  • Click the clean button again and wait for the cleaning process to complete.
  • After that, you can dump out the water and you’re done.


  • Take care when emptying the carafe since the coffee inside is hot as freshly brewed coffee.
  • Do not press any buttons while the cleaning process is in progress.



The clean light is illuminated on the Ninja coffee maker to notify you that it’s time to wash the machine or you can choose to clean according to your schedule, such as once every couple of months or after a specific number of Brewing cycles.

Fill the reservoir with water to the max fill line using fresh water as well as descaling solutions or pure white vinegar

Commercial descaling solution Make use of the ratio shown on the bottle to decal the solution to water.

White vinegar Two cups of white vinegar that is pure and the remainder of the water.

Place the glass bottle beneath the brew bowl to collect the soiled cleaning solution, which could be vinegar, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, or descaling solutions.

Select the size of the entire carafe when you are asked.


Press the button for cleaning that’s illuminated to start the cleaning process.

Wait. The descaling and clean cycle lasts between 8 and 10 minutes this time, there is no have to take any action. Pressing buttons or trying to alter the function can cause the cycle to stop.

The light for the cleaning will turn off after the cycle has been completed.

If the cycle ceases and the light switches off, you can empty the carafe from the sink, and wash the carafe in hot soapy water.

With a small scrub brush and a soft sponge, make sure that all the crevices and the corners of the carafe are spotless after which rinse with fresh water. Dry the carafe with an unclean, dry cloth, and then place the carafe in the place you normally place it.


Repeat this process for all Ninja coffee maker components that can be removed including the Brew basket, the permanently filtering system, removable tray, etc. Clean with soapy water, then dry, and then replace.

Write down in your calendar the date for cleaning to avoid prolonged periods of time without descaling. Choose a time that works most effectively for you and the coffee maker’s requirements.

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Bar With a Descaling Solution

Clean Ninja Coffee Bar With a Descaling Solution

Then, let’s dive into how to clean the Ninja Coffee Machine Bar using a descaling solution. There are several alternatives available, both on market as well as at the local grocery store. Utilizing a descaling solution to cleanse your machine is like using vinegar. The only difference could be the proportion of solution to water that you use. Follow the guidelines included with the descaling solution you purchased.

Step 1: Prepare the Ninja prepared

Make sure that the water tank and the filter basket and the glass carafe are clean and empty.

Step 2: Add the descaling solution.

Follow the directions on the bottle or in the packet of the solution that you are using. Incorporate the proper volume of water in the tank. Make sure to not fill to the limit of the waterline. The carafe should be placed under your coffee outlets.

Step 3: Complete the clean cycle

Step 3: Complete the clean cycle

Clean the button of the Ninja. Allow the machine to start the cleaning and descaling process and after about one minute Press the clean button a second time. This will stop the cleaning process. When we begin, after suspending the cleaning process it will be able to pull some of the solutions through those pipes inside of the Ninja. Now, we’ll allow the Ninja to rest in this manner for 30 minutes. This will give the solution to get everything cleaned up nicely.

Step 4: Continue to clean the cycle

In the following 30 mins, go back to the machine, and then press the Clean button. The clean cycle will continue to be run and all remaining solutions for dealing make it into the machine and into the carafe.

Step 5: Begin the process of washing.

After the cleaning process has been completed, take the carafe’s contents and thoroughly rinse it together with the water tank as well as the basket for filtering.

Step 6: Rinse the cycle

Set the carafe beneath the coffee outlet and then the filter basket in its place. Fill the tank with water that is clean. Then, press the clean button again. This time, allow the cycle to be completed. Remove the rinse water from the carafe.

This is two times to rinse the bar. This will remove completely any remnants of the cleaning solution and ensure that you with a Ninja Brew Bar clean as an ear!



The primary ingredient for creating coffee lies in the water. Even the purest, delicious water naturally leaves mineral deposits, including calcium, behind in the tubes which are used to transport them through the machine.

As the water moves across the device, the deposits build up into small patches of limescale. These could block the ducts and block them up. Ninja the coffee machine.

The calcium deposits and limescale patches aren’t harmful, but they may impart a weird taste when you make your coffee. Descaling and cleaning, which are two terms that are used as interchangeable terms within Ninja machines, are crucial to ensure that your machine runs smoothly.

Limescale is a clog that insulates and chokes coffee machines. When coffee makers become blocked, they are able to use more electricity than they require or overheat, operate at a slow pace, or even fail completely.


The water might not be warm enough to the recommended temperature due to the sensor not being able to detect it correctly and the water could not be able to remove the coffee out of the grounds correctly.

The type of coffee maker you have, the machine might try to warn you of obstruction because it is unable to draw steam from its boiler in order to soak the grounds.

But coffee makers that have fewer digital displays could alert users with a simple error message. Coffee makers will most likely show the clean button. That’s the reason this guide is here.

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How To Clean a Ninja Coffee Maker FINAL THOUGHTS

The cleaning cycle that you run on your Ninja coffee maker is a crucial task to ensure it runs smoothly for a long period of time, and this is true regardless of whether you select beans or grounds.

If you’re struggling with time make a routine schedule of cleaning to avoid getting interrupted by a bright light. You can also use the built-in clock to tell you that you’re ready to wash.

If you see this as changing the oil on your car or cleaning your home The 10-15 minutes of time are worth it and you’ll be able to enjoy delicious cups of coffee throughout all the time you use the machine.


Why does my ninja coffee maker say clean?

The “Clean light” or “clean lights” option located on Ninja Coffee Bars lights up when the machine detects calcium deposits and other minerals as well as an alarm to remove the machine from the scale.

How much vinegar do you use to clean a coffee maker?

The water tank that is in your coffee maker uses the mixture of half drinking water as well as the other half of white vinegar. Vinegar is an organic solution to clean the coffee maker.

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