Hamilton Beach 49980a vs 49980z: An Ultimate Comparison

Hamilton Beach 49980a vs 49980z

Whenever there’s talk of coffee makers, the first thing which strikes the mind of most people is Keurig. Hamilton fans may not like this statement, yet this is what the reality is. Keurig has around 50 coffee maker models on the market which are very popular.
However, do not get us wrong as there is one more name in the coffee maker market called ‘Hamilton’.

Hamilton is a commonly known brand that needs no introduction. The firm has actually manufactured numerous cooking area devices from grills to toasters. Besides this, they also make coffee maker machines also. And also in this evaluation, our eyes will certainly get on 2 of their very popular versions Hamilton Coastline ‘49980a’ and ‘49980z’.

Hamilton Beach Brewer Coffee Maker 49980A
Hamilton Beach Brewer Coffee Maker 49980A

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The Contrast Chart

Hamilton Beach 49980a

Hamilton Beach 49980z








13.9 Inches

13.9 Inches


11.08 Inches

11.08 Inches


12.23 Inches

12.23 Inches


96 Fluid Ounces

96 Fluid Ounces



So if you’re a Hamilton fan, and are confused amongst these two models, after that we would certainly recommend you read this write-up completely. As after reading this, we’re pretty certain that you’ll be in a comfy setting to select one for your kitchen.

We’ll simply compare both the designs by noting their features, while it is upon you to choose one in between them. Because as constantly, the last telephone call is yours. So with no delay, let’s start.

Hamilton Beach Brewer Coffee Maker 49980A
Hamilton Beach Brewer Coffee Maker 49980A

Features Hamilton Beach 49980a


This Hamilton Beach 49980a is a great piece of coffee machine equipment that is flawlessly perfect for your kitchen area. The front part of the gadget is constructed from stainless steel which offers a timeless want to it. Don’t simply stress, the stainless steel surface will not obtain any kind of fingerprints to make sure that you can touch it freely.

The back is of black plastic and here is the area of the water tank. To replenish it, open up the leading lid of it load the 12 mug pitcher based on your convenience as well as put it. Overall, it’s a wonderful choice for interested purchasers.


– You can select the choice of big caffeine if you’ve even more individuals or single-serve for one cup.
– The device can use cases. This is handy if you do not have time to grind the coffee.
– It is extremely easy to make use of and is a cost-effective choice for the customers.
– It constantly gives you tasty cups of coffee.


– It does not consist of any kind of warm water dispenser.
– It is not suitable with the extremely popular Keurig K-cups.

Featuers  Hamilton Beach 49980z

This Hamilton Beach 49980z is a versatile 12 mug machine and a single-serve coffee maker. The model is developed with the current innovation. For preparing a single cup of coffee, you can ground coffee directly into the mesh filter. Additionally, you can place your favorite coffee husk as an altar.

And also for multi-cups of coffee, it features a beneficial carafe side.
It is not just a quality product that is functional, yet it is affordable too, pricing at $80. It is constructed from stainless steel and plastic which gives decent looks to it. And also generally, it’s a wonderful choice for the purchasers.


– It has an Immediately shut-off feature, which saves a great deal of money when you keep the device unattended for a long time.
– As per our evaluation, it maintains the coffee warm for regarding 2 hours.
– The pitcher is dishwasher safe so that you can utilize it with no concern.
– It consists of very easy controls.


– Some more convenient features may be included in this maker.
– For making good preference coffee, It does not brew at an ideal temperature level.

49980a VS 499080z- Comparison: how they differ?


As a Single Cup Brewing

Under this section, there’s absolutely nothing to choose in between Hamilton Beach 49980a and 49989z. Both the models work in a similar way. What you need to do is to fill up the water incorrect amount to get coffee of chosen cup size. You can fill anything in the travel bone up to the 14-ounce mark.

However, if you need a smaller offering after that don’t simply fret as the cup can be elevated to numerous levels. So whether it’s a small cup or large, you just need to place it beneath the maker to catch the last decline of coffee.

Hamilton Beach Brewer Coffee Maker 49980A

Brew Strength

Most individuals think that single cup coffee machines are not the very best at brewing toughness. But both of these Hamilton Beach versions offer some great to you. You obtain an option to choose out of ‘regular ‘ or ‘bold,’ based on your mood. You might consider adding coffee grounds to the brew basket, which could be another way of changing the brew strength.

This is true but just up to a mark. As if you try to fill up too many coffee grounds, the warm water will certainly overrun the basket. And also this could turn to be a mess. So whether you pick 49908a or 49908z, the most effective way to obtain thick coffee is by turning ‘strong’ mode. On the whole, there’s absolutely nothing various under this segment.

Hamilton Beach Brewer Coffee Maker 49980A

Programming Options

A lot of you desire that when you awaken, you should be greeted with ready coffee. And also believe us, both the Hamilton Beach models are capable of doing such. They have a built-in timer that turns on the brewing device automatically, and you wake up with a fresh cup of coffee.

Users can even set the timer by 24 hr in advance. So when you stand up in the morning, you can also reset it for the following day. And also there will be fresh coffee once more awaiting you in the morning.

But what happens if you get up late? Do not just worry, as it has an integrated warmer that can keep the coffee cozy for you. So on the whole, both included virtually similar program settings.


Well, we have not found any kind of major distinction in between both the versions, as well as if you’re believing, you’ll discover any type of distinction under this segment. Then you are wrong. When you put both the machines side-by-side, then you’ll not discover a solitary distinction there.

Both are comparable in size, form, have the exact same controls, and both are stainless steel finish. At the back, there’s an eye-catching LED display that shows time in a digital frontal. Both versions are not fashionable-looking devices. However, the stainless-steel finish elevated the look it.

In Conclusion

Not you and also not even us are able to locate any kind of difference among these 2. As a matter of fact, what’s different is just the name. Both are the same at every facet, and also attributes are as well exactly the same. So it is upon you, that with which one you should go.


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