DeLonghi EN85R Essenza Mini Espresso Machine Review

You will hardly find another coffee maker as beautiful as this one. The gorgeous black color makes it an appliance that everyone will notice as soon as they enter the room. If you’re an expert that enjoys having the most delicious coffee, this machine is one that provides everything you need.

  • Brew Basket

This machine features an automatic basket for the brewing process, which allows you to remove the carafe when serving a cup. It is a convenient design choice that makes it easy to pour the coffee without leaving drips on the surface where the coffee maker sits.

  • Outlet Arm

The 9-hole design for the outlet arm provides water at different temperatures between 196° and 205° Fahrenheit. It makes it possible to distribute the water evenly during the brewing process, ensuring a cup of coffee without missing any of its flavor from the beginning to the end.

  • Water Reservoir

The water reservoir of this coffee maker offers 40 oz capacity for ten cups approximately. That’s 1.25 liters of water you’ll have at your disposal after each refill.

When full, you can use the content to brew the coffee in less than 6 minutes. From the outside, you can keep track of how much water is inside.

  • Switch Controls

You’ll find a pair of switches on this coffee maker; the first one is on the left side and is responsible for controlling the power, and it automatically shuts down the machine if it remains idle after one hour and a half. It helps in saving energy and preserving the machine’s lifespan.

You can find the other switch on the right side, and it controls the temperature of the plate. Turning it to the right maintains the coffee at 185° Fahrenheit. On the other hand, turning the switch to the left keeps the coffee at 175° Fahrenheit during the next hour and a half without burning.

  • Color Variety

If you’re not a fan of the all-black design, you can purchase this coffee maker in a lot of other different colors. There are more than ten versions available, so you’ll find one that matches your kitchen decoration.


  • You can replace the parts of this machine if necessary
  • Suitable brewing temperature to make hot and tasty coffee
  • Perfect extraction time
  • Hotplate maintains the right temperatures


  • It could be difficult to operate this machine in the morning, especially when you’re in a hurry