Caffe Misto: Comparison With Latte, How To Make It 2022

What is a Caffe Misto? Like every other day, Starbucks is leading the in the direction of new trends in coffee and fashion.

Or at least it appears that way… and Caffe Misto was their newest addition to the list.

Caffe Misto (or Cafe au Lait) is a coffee that’s prepared using the same amount of drip and steam-steamed milk. It’s typically made using darker roast coffee, so the flavor can be tasted through the milk.

If you buy it in the cafe, it’s usually less expensive than the Latte and is quite similar in taste and design which makes it an excellent choice for the budget-conscious drinker.

If you’re planning to prepare it yourself, it is crucial to use a darker roast since the 1:1 ratio of milk to coffee really dampens down the flavor of coffee and you’ll want a rich flavor to get through it to get a truly great coffee.

Also, looking for Dark roast as well as French roast when buying the coffee you want is a great option.

It’s not the only cup of coffee with milk, the question is, what is it that makes it different from the latté?

What is a Caffe Misto?


What is a Caffe Misto?

Simply said, a Caffe Misto is an espresso-based drink. This drink is a delightful coffee drink that is made from equal parts brewed coffee and steamed milk!

The coffee that is brewed can be prepared using a variety of techniques for brewing, including pour-overs, a French press, or the drip-style coffee maker.

The most important thing to making a quality Caffe Misto is to make use of top-quality coffee beans and heat the milk to the point that it’s smooth and smooth.

For a unique treat to make your drink extra special, add a touch of sprinkles of chocolate shavings or cinnamon. Yum!

How To Make Caffe Misto

The advantage of Caffe Misto lies in the fact that it’s very simple for home-cooked. You don’t need a fancy espresso machine to create a great Caffe Misto.

The procedure is simple and I’ll explain the best way to go about it.


You’ll need only the following items to make a Caffe Misto.

  • Your coffee of choice
  • Your preferred method of brewing coffee
  • Your milk of choice
  • A method to heat your milk

That’s it. If you believe me, even if there’s no the right apparatus, you are able to still make an amazing Caffe Misto at home.

Brewing process

Brewing Process Caffe Misto

The process of brewing is easy.

Begin by brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Then, heat your milk until it’s just below the point of boiling. If you don’t have a dedicated steamer or frother do not fret! You can heat milk over the stove.

It’s simple to know when heated milk on the stove is at the proper temperature as slow bubbles form on the outside. If you begin to see bubbles form, remove your milk immediately to ensure that it’s not boiling.

If you’ve got a way to frost your milk then do it before adding it to your coffee for the best flavor.

Add your warm milk to your freshly brewed coffee to create a 1:1 ratio of coffee to milk and then enjoy!

Extra tips

  • If you own a French press in your kitchen, you could make frothed dairy. Pour the warmed milk into the French press. Then, lightly move the plunger in a downward and upward direction several times until you’ve absorbed some air. Small bubbles begin to form on the top. You’re finished! However, that’s not the only method to make frothed milk from home.
  • While brewing your coffee do not be afraid to make it a bit more strongly than normal. If you use a ratio of 1:1 espresso to milk, the taste of coffee is diluted. Making your coffee a bit stronger than the norm can help to balance the taste and provide a pleasant coffee taste.
  • You can experiment by adjusting the temperature and ratio to your Caffe Misto. It’s a drink dependent on individual preference. I like my Caffe Misto with only some hot milk rather than a one-to-one ratio.
  • When you order a Caffe Misto at the coffee shop, make sure to check with your barista about the process they use to make it, and make sure you are clear on your preferences.
  • Add flavor and flavoring to the Caffe Misto! Add your favorite flavor syrup to the milk as it is warming up is a great method to add taste to the coffee.

How To Make A Starbucks Cafe Misto (Step-By-Step Recipe)

How To Make A Starbucks Cafe Misto

It’s a fairly simple milky coffee drink to make. Much easier than a latte. All you need is going to require a method to make froth from the milk. This can be done in the form of a French Press in the event that you don’t possess one of any type.


  • Fresh Coffee
  • Milk

Step 1. Make Coffee

Whatever way you want to go, ensure that it’s clean and durable.

I started this recipe using the help of a French Press but it was an issue to clean it up prior to making the froth, which is why I switched to a drip machine, and it was much easier.

When you’re using a drip maker, set it to the setting of 1-4 cups if it’s equipped with one. This way, it can brew a bit more slowly and produces more flavorful coffee.

In the French Press just make it as is, but make it a darker roast to avoid excessive extraction of the coffee, and it becomes a bitter mess.

Step 2. Heat Milk

I prefer using a pan to heat milk as it is possible to monitor the temperature and ensure it doesn’t get too hot. Once it’s simmering, it’s over as the milk loses its sweetness once it’s heated.

If you choose to go with using a microwave, warm it up in 15-second blasts, mixing in between, to ensure that you are able to catch it just sufficiently hot to not go to the point of no return.

Step 3. Froth Milk

Froth Milk

You can make this happen in the French Press with relative ease It’s a matter of filling half the French press, then pouring back and forth across the milk for 30 seconds, until it’s lovely and frothy.

It expands by two times and that’s why you need to fill it just halfway Avoid my mistakes and be sure to not spill milk on the counter.

You can also purchase a small hand whisk that’ll whisk milk to froth and you can also purchase an automatic milk frother to warm and froth the milk inside its own container, which will save lots of time and effort.

Step 4. Combine

It’s that simple, pour your coffee into a cup and warm frothy milk on the top, and you’ve created Caffe Misto! Caffe Misto!

If you’d like to add sweetener, add it into the coffee before adding the milk, as it’s much easier to incorporate it. Sweet syrups that you already have at home, or just plain old sugar will work.

How Does It Taste

How Does It Taste

The Caffe Misto (cafe au lait) tastes very similar to a latte but is much stronger in flavor and also more fluid.

More coffee equals more coffee flavor in the cup, while adding more water in the cup, so you’ve got half milk and half water.

It’s also lighter than a latte and more robust than a latte, but still delicious.

It’s not sweetened however it is possible to add flavored syrup and its nice caramel or vanilla are always a hit when paired with coffee.

If you’re just a typical coffee drinker, there’s a chance you won’t see a significant distinction. If you’re really into the coffee you drink, it will be an extremely different drink. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be on menus at cafes!

Caffe Misto Vs Latte 5 Differences

The Caffe Misto is made using hot milk and coffee that has been brewed. Sometimes, that milk is infused with foam, and other times, it’s not.

A caffe latte, on the contrary, is made from espresso and foamed milk.

The main difference between a caffe misto and a latte lies in the coffee. Lattes always contain espresso, while caffe misto (or café au lait) will always have brewed coffee.

The milk is an additional differentiator. There’s more variety in the kind of milk that is added to the caffe misto. Anything from lots of milk foam, to no foam, is possible to be added to coffee brewed and is referred to as a Caffe Misto.

The guidelines for a latte tend to be more rigorous. Lattes always contain espresso and are based on a 1:3 milk to coffee ratio. In latte, the milk usually contains a bit of fluffy and has enough buoyancy to make an art of latte.

A caffe misto, since it’s made with coffee that has been brewed, doesn’t usually contain any Latte art.

1. Caffe Misto Is Made With Any Filter Coffee

In general, Caffe Misto is typically Caffe Misto is made with a drip coffee maker. it’s quick, easy to have readily available, and it’s delicious.

In reality, the case, any type of coffee that you add frothed or frothed milk to is a Caffe Misto rather than a Latte. The cappuccinos I make every morning using the help of my Moka Pot, as well as my milk frother, must be referred to as Caffe Mistos since to qualify as considered a latte they need to be made using espresso.

Luckily, it doesn’t matter. My cappuccinos made from scratch will always be referred to as that, and like everything else you can make at home and you don’t need to adhere to rigid and swift definitions.

You can even pour-over coffee to create Misto! Misto! There’s no rule! However, the freshest coffee beans will always be a great signal…

2. The Ratios Are Different

Caffe Misto is usually created using the ratio of 1:1 of milk to coffee that’s why it’s produced with a darker, stronger roast coffee.

Since this ratio dries out your coffee massive way, so you need an excellent strong coffee to be able to fight it.

This is the reason the french press can be an excellent idea for cooking it in your home. it generally has a stronger and more robust flavor which is a perfect match for warm milk that tends to be sweeter as opposed to cold milk.

A latte, however, is typically 1 part espresso and 2 parts milk, however, it differs from Caffe to Caffe since everyone has their own unique formula and recipe for different kinds of coffee.

However, you can’t be able to get it in a 1:1 ratio of milk to espresso which would make it too rich for the majority of people. This is also known as a cortado.

Too many options aren’t they?

3. Caffe Misto Has More Caffeine

It’s always a shock to me, as espresso is intended to be the most powerful choice the one you’d choose in the event of a massive boost.

However, in terms of milligrams of caffeine, black filter coffee typically is the winner, as it is possible to consume more coffee in one sitting. You wouldn’t order four espresso shots, but you could consume a large amount of cup of black.

Also, using Caffe Misto, you’ll get Caffe Misto, because it’s half-brewed milk and coffee, in fact, you get more coffee in your drink and you’ll end up with a more robust drink.

Caffe Misto Vs Latte 5 Differences

A large Starbucks Caffe Misto (16 fl 8 oz) contains around 150mg caffeine, as opposed to 112mg in a large Latte, According to the Starbucks website.

The Misto contains more caffeine than a Venti size compared to the Latte since the Misto Grande or a Venti Latte are created with two espresso shots.

If it does affect you in the same way as espresso, I’m not sure but is a difference. Misto contains a higher concentration of caffeine.

To give you an even greater increase, you can add the espresso…

4. You Can Get Extra Espresso In Both

A double shot latte comes as not a surprise and is a popular choice among those who prefer to stay up until late, only to take a cup of coffee in the morning.

But an espresso in a filter coffee? Yes, it’s true.

It’s referred to as the Red Eye coffee and is one of the most powerful coffees you’ll get, but it’s an actual thing. If you need a huge boost you can actually put an espresso shot into the cup of your Caffe Misto.

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5. Lattes are decorated with latte art. them

Caffe Mistos are prepared by steaming milk in the same manner as a latte. However, there’s not that thin layer of milk foam on top that is styled into Latte art.

That’s why I like it when I’m in an establishment that serves coffee, however, my coffee-making is not currently a subject to any intentional coffee art.

However, this doesn’t affect the taste in any way such as in a macchiato, you’ve had art, but it’s amazing!

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