BUNN NHS Velocity Brew (10-Cup) Home Coffee Maker. The review is Worth it?

BUNN NHS Velocity Brew (10-Cup) Home Coffee Maker. The review is Worth it?



Although coffee makers only serve one purpose, which is to brew coffee, it is always pleasant when the manufacturers go one step further, creating a versatile appliance. This machine is among the most good-looking out there, and we can use it either at home, in the office or in schools.

 What is BUNN?

BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer
BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

When it pertains to coffee makers, BUNN is a popular firm that makes the very best and also high-quality devices. It is a popular brand that creates high-end products for coffee and yea lovers.

Quick Details!

– Brand name: BUNN
– Model: NHS Velocity Brew
– Capacity: 10 cups
– Weight: 8 lbs
– Color: Black
– Material: Stainless-steel
– Item dimension: 11.60 × 13.70 × 9.10 inches

Detailed View  On the Product!

The Bunn NHS Velocity Brew 10 Cup Home Coffee Brewer has some particular and significant performances to make it better from the previous styles.

Efficiency in Quickness

Undoubtedly, the reason you need this coffee maker is because of its quick brewing process. As its name is NHS velocity, so it likewise functions rapidly. In about 3 minutes, it is capable of making a complete coffee pot. The other brewers are quick too, but this one is one step beyond, delivering quality results without losing any flavor during the process.

Protective Carafe

If you often find yourself cleaning the counter because the coffee maker spilled liquid over it, this machine will help you with that. It features a drip-free carafe with a fitting lid to pour the coffee into the cup, wicking away the dribbles by keeping them inside the carafe.


It has an ability of around 20 to 50 ounces of coffee. That is enough for about 10 to 15 persons. So it gives you the leverage of conserving time and also invest your time doing other tasks instead of awaiting your coffee to prepare yourself.

Spray-Style Showerhead

Through the multi-stream head shower, water distributes like a spray, reaching the coffee grounds evenly. The high temperature creates a brewing process capable of extracting every bit of flavor from the coffee, all of which under a smooth procedure that doesn’t leave a burnt taste after. Whereas the large flat-bottom filter, as well as funnel, allows better interaction amongst the coffee and the water. So it can prepare an amazing preference of coffee that will explode your taste.

Water Tank

It has a water container that has warm water constantly prepared on standby to make coffee whenever needed. So you do not need to add additional water for making coffee.

Large Bottom

The bottom of the coffee maker is a flat surface that provides many advantages, one of which is better interaction between the water and the poured coffee grounds. This design choice, combined with the showerhead, makes it easy to enjoy a cup of coffee with a delicious flavor.


It is 11.60 × 13.70 × 9.10 inches in a measurement that makes it easily suitable with all kitchen area types as it can for anywhere conveniently.

Vacation switch

You’ve seen this feature before. In this case, we know it as the vacation switch, and it does nothing more than suspending the coffee maker’s performance when you decide to leave it alone for a while. After pressing the switch, the heat inside reduces considerably.


It is available in black color and also is constructed from stainless-steel to make sure that there are no coffee stains on it. This type of layout gives it an expert coffee maker look.


It has a guarantee of 3 years. So if there is any type of trouble with your brewer within the assigned time, after that you can send it back to the supplier for repair work or replacement.

Benefits of Having BUNN NHS Maker

– No rocket science is required to utilize this machine. It is an uncomplicated device that is ready to make use of after its configuration contrasted to the various other coffee brewers on the marketplace.
– The appeal of this maker is that it can hold about 100 ounces of coffee in it that appropriates for a workplace area, a large home, or for cafes that are selling coffees.
– The new design supports the flow as well as stops spilling hence meager opportunities of mess. It does its job quickly and hands your coffee in regarding 3 minutes.
– Temperature maintenance function is handy as it keeps the hot water on a wait so no water home heating initially includes the grounded coffee and get your coffee.
– Appropriate and also economical coffee equipment with the same requirements would be expensive. Bunn coffee machine is budget-friendly as it provides the same requirements that the premium items have with a good warranty.
– The layout of this coffee maker and also the black, white, as well as silver color give this a professional-looking coffee maker view.

Conclusion: Altogether, if you are trying to find the best brewer with helpful functionalities, Sturdy style, and cost-effectiveness this is the one.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to establish the device before coffee making?
No, there is no previous setup needed due to the fact that it all set to make use of after the installation. You need to include the based coffee. And in 3 minutes you have your coffee in your hand.

Do I need to warm the water?
No, you do not require to heat the water in advance since it already has a warm water tank that has constantly heated warm water.

Is the coffee constantly hot?
Yes, the coffee Is scalding as well as continues to be hot for a very long time. No coffee heating needed.

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