Blue Bottle Coffee Beans — The Best Guide 2022

Today let’s talk about blue bottle coffee beans. Freshness is key to coffee. You buy whole beans and grind them just before you brew.

Blue Bottle Coffee claims that within this time period, there’s a window of optimal flavor. This is like peak ripeness in fruits and vegetables. They ship your coffee at the beginning of this peak flavor window.

Does this sound like something you would enjoy? Check out our Blue Bottle review to find out if it is the right choice for your coffee-infused dreams…

The Blue Bottle Review in a Nutshell

Blue bottle coffee beans

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Blue Bottle staff blind taste each batch of coffee. They test different roasts, blends, and single-origin coffees and determine the coffee’s peak flavor. They then taste the coffee again over the next few days in order to determine how long each type of espresso will remain at its optimum flavor level.

They provide tasting notes that will help you determine how long it will take to enjoy the coffee. They encourage customers to create their own preferences.

  • Freshness at its peak – only orders are accepted and roasted
  • Subscriptions can be purchased for single-origin, blends, or espresso beans
  • Pre-ground or whole bean, Perfectly Ground
  • Pre-ground coffee packed in single-serving, vacuum-sealed packets
  • Every bean is individually tasted every week to ensure consistency and quality
  • Single-origin products offer a mix of exotic and familiar elements
  • There is a smaller selection of services than there are
  • Pre-ground prices are more expensive than usual

The Company

Blue Bottle Coffee, named after Central Europe’s first coffeehouse was founded in Oakland, California in the early 2000s. Blue Bottle Coffee, which is also a cafe operator, has conducted extensive research on peak flavor windows. It promises to sell its coffee at the freshest and most flavorful level. Blue Bottle Coffee is sold the whole bean which preserves its freshness.

Blue Bottle also sells a range of coffee tools, including a specifically-designed pour-over coffee dripper and a cold brew bottle.

The Ordering Process

Blue Bottle’s website has a nice design and is easy to use. You can choose from single-origin, blend, or espresso options to get started. You have the option to choose from a half-bag (6 ounces), standard bag (12 ounces), double bag (24 or 36 ounces), or triple bag (36oz). Your coffee can be delivered every two, three, or four weeks. You can also choose to have your coffee decaffeinated. Blue Bottle Coffee is 100% whole beans. You will need to use a grinder.

Blue Bottle Coffee - Giant Steps
  • Origin:Sumatra, Uganda
  • whole bean
  • Over 85% of Blue Bottle Coffee is Certified Organic
  • 12 oz - about a two-week supply for 1-2 coffee drinkers.

Blue Bottle also offers a flavor matching quiz. There are 10 questions that you have to answer, which include the standard questions about a brewing method for your coffee, whether you use cream or sugar, and more unusual questions such as what spices you like and what types of salad dressings. Blue Bottle will offer you two coffees that you may like at the end of this quiz.

Blue Bottle charges $5 shipping for every order

How to Choose the Right Coffee Subscription Service

The key to your satisfaction is choosing the right subscription coffee service that meets all of your needs. These are the main points to consider:

Coffee consumption frequency. How many cups of coffee do you consume in a week? What about a month? Is this a coffee club that you intend to use as your main source of beans or as a way to enjoy a different brew? This is what you should think about when looking at the club’s membership options.

Coffee preferences. Are you looking for a new favorite coffee every day? Exotic coffees. Some clubs excel at identifying your taste profile and repeating it. Some clubs act more like Indiana Jones and deliver coffee from faraway lands. (To our knowledge, no coffee club delivers cursed artifacts. This is probably a good thing.

Total cost. High-quality specialty coffee will run you a little more than the bargain beans in cans. You won’t be able to afford to fly to Sumatra or Guatemala on a weekly basis, so you will need to stick to a budget. So that you don’t get unpleasant surprises on your credit card statement, make sure you understand the total cost, including shipping and frequency.

The Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee Beans — The Best Guide 2022

We ordered the most popular product, a 12-ounce single-origin coffee bag. The El Salvador Los Naranjos finca La Florida was our choice. It had a rich, complex flavor with surprising notes of maple and cola. Freshly roasted beans gave off a strong aroma and the coffee was bright and clear.

The Packaging

Blue Bottle’s packaging was some of the best we’ve seen for a coffee subscription company. The box was made of light cardboard and contained an information card that included tasting notes and a description of Arturo Meza Hill as a coffee producer. It also listed the origin of the coffee, La Florida in El Salvador.

The coffee bag was minimalist and well-designed. It had the roast date, origin, and flavor notes printed. The bag had a pull-tab opening for easy degassing and an inner bag that could be resealed.

Overall Experience

Blue Bottle’s match test goes beyond just identifying the flavor of coffee and reveals your true tastes. The quiz asks you what type of coffee you prefer, French press, pour-over, or espresso. It then lets you choose as many as you like.

The quiz then delves into your favorite flavors – sweet or sour, deep or bright, floral, earthiness, or subtle. Surprisingly, the quiz asks for your preference in chocolate, spices, and favorite salad dressing. Next, you will be offered two different coffees that match the image of your favorite flavors or aromas.

It is coffee that has been meticulously sourced. Buyers like [Blue Bottle founder] Freeman are able to not only identify the people who picked it, but also describe the shade trees where it grows.

Blue Bottle delivers bags in six, twelve, 24, and 36-ounce sizes. Blue Bottle allows you to choose the frequency of delivery, whether it is once a week, twice a week, three times a month, or four times yearly. You can choose a frequency that suits your needs, regardless of how much you drink.

Blue Bottle Whole Bean Organic Coffee, Balanced, Medium Roast, 12 Ounce bag (Pack of 1)
  • SMOOTH AND BALANCED BLEND: This 12 oz. bag of whole bean organic coffee is a medium-light roast that's ideal for any occasion
  • WARM, HARMONIOUS FLAVORS: Roasted to combine the nuances of each origin, our Balanced blend brings tasting notes of caramel, lemon zest and cocoa. This unique coffee blend is delightful on its own and pairs beautifully with milk or cream
  • PREMIUM SPECIALTY COFFEE: Our Bright coffee blend is an ideal mid-morning pick-me-up and uses naturally processed, organic whole beans from East Africa, freshly roasted in small batches
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Our blends use highly traceable, certified organic coffee beans sustainably sourced from a select group of high-quality producers
  • A RANGE OF TASTES: In addition to this light roast coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee offers a variety of blends to suit your taste and mood, including Bold, Balanced, Espresso and Decaf

Our order arrived fresh: it was prepared on Monday and delivered on Wednesday.

Fresher coffee would require you to wait outside for the doors to open in order to get it.

The freshness was evident in the flavor and aroma. The Giant Steps beans were bursting with aroma, and they brewed a rich, deep-flavored cup in both the Hario and Moka pot. That’s flexibility.

The familiar zip-lock bag with a CO2 valve, which is airtight, lightproof, and waterproof, arrived in our order. The zip-lock seal was thinner than other shippers and did not always seal properly when we closed it (in our unfortunately un-caffeinated state). The bag was found to have opened one morning. We were ashamed to not have used a coffee storage container. To reduce air exposure, we wrapped a rubber band around the bag and folded it over. This problem is not present with larger bags.


Blue Bottle offers gift coffee subscriptions for three months and six months. A custom gift subscription can be created by personalizing the type of coffee, shipping frequency, and a number of shipments. You have the option of having coffee delivered directly to the coffee-loving person in your life, or a Blue Bottle sends a gift voucher by email or print. You can redeem the gift certificate online if you choose to. Blue Bottle could be a great gift option.

We also like the welcome package, which you will automatically receive if three months are up (six 12-ounce bags) ahead of time. The kit comes with Blue Bottle’s coffee dripper and instructions. It also includes a fun, graphic bag.

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Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription Review

Blue Bottle is a minimalist subscription service that offers you the option of having your coffee curated or given control. The packaging is simple and well-designed. The best coffee is fresh, fragrant, and delicious. You can even get decaf.

This subscription service is a great option for those who want to be personalized with great gifts, unique flavors, and detailed information about the origin of your coffee. This coffee club is only available for whole bean coffee. We hope you found our Blue Bottle coffee subscription review helpful!


What coffee bean does Blue Bottle use?

To make a more complex version of the original brooding profile, we use high-quality beans. The espresso is brewed as a ristretto (or a quick pull), which produces a drinkable espresso in just a few shots. This is the coffee you love standing up.

What is special about Blue Bottle Coffee?

Baristas with years of experience would carefully brew their coffee. They would weigh the beans to the gram and then time it to allow the flavors to bloom. This philosophy was a key part of every Blue Bottle Cafe experience. It also influenced how the company expanded online.

Where are Blue Bottle Coffee beans from?

Blue Bottle Coffee, Inc. is a coffee roaster, retailer, and former headquarters in Oakland, California, United States. Nestle purchased 68% of the majority stake in the company in 2017. It is a major player in third-wave coffee. It focuses exclusively on single-origin coffees.

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