Best Coffee Makers for 2021

Best Coffee Makers
Best Coffee Makers

Best Coffee Maker for 2021



However, making coffee is not always easy. And we often don’t have time on our busy days. In such conditions, the best coffee maker comes in handy.

There is nothing in life more effective for starting the day than a cup of delicious coffee. There are so many ways to do it that it has probably already become an art!

Our mission today is to provide everything you need to know about these outstanding machines. There are many of them, but we have selected the top five according to users’ opinions.

Each of the machines on our list provides satisfactory performance, producing and brewing delicious coffee to keep our addiction in check.

They are some of the most popular models on the market and have very positive reviews from users.


Best Coffee Maker Comparison

Keurig K-Classic Coffee MakerKeurig K-Classic Coffee Maker6+ CupsPlastic
BUNN NHS Velocity Coffee Brewer
BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer
BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer
10 CupsStainless Steel
Cuisinart DCC-3400 Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker
Cuisinat DCC-3400
Cuisinat DCC-3400
12 CupsStainless Steel
Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
Ninja CE201
Ninja CE201
12 CupsPlastic, Metal, Rubber
Coffee BVMC-PSTX95
Coffee BVMC-PSTX95
Coffee BVMC-PSTX95
10-CupStainless Steel
OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker
OXO Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Brewer
OXO Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Brewer
9 CupsStainless Steel
Bonavita BV1800TH 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe
Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker
Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker
9 CupsStainless Steel
Technivorm Moccamaster 59462 KBG Coffee Brewer, 40 oz, Black
Technivorm Moccamaster 59462 KBG coffee maker
Technivorm Moccamaster 59462 KBG coffee maker
10 CupsAluminum, Stainless Steel, Glass, Copper, Plastics


Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 10 Oz. Brew Sizes

Although this machine may seem a little bit tricky for new users, it only takes a quick learning process to understand every one of its features. Once mastered, the coffee maker ensures an incredible performance to deliver delicious results for everyone, whether at home or the office.

  • Cup Variety

This coffee maker provides performance like no other. It is capable of brewing different sets of cup sizes varying between 6 and 10 ounces, with a middle choice at 8. Naturally, using 6 ounces cup produces a strong brew, but the other settings are equally efficient at delivering quality beverages.

  • Water Reservoir

The water container of this unit stores up to 48 ounces, making it one of the largest you’ll find out there. With this amount, you’ll be capable of brewing around six or more cups before you even need to refill it once again.

It saves a lot of time, especially in the mornings when you’re in a hurry.

Also, the water reservoir is removable too. You can get it out to refill the water after using every last drop of it. Furthermore, since it is removable, it allows us to maintain and keep track of the container’s status to perform maintenance when necessary.

  • Easy to Use

There’s no way anyone gets lost using this machine. It features intuitive buttons that most people learn how to use quickly. You don’t have to do more than placing the cup inside, choose the brew size, and start the process. Within a minute approximately, your drink will be ready to serve.

  • Descaling

Descaling is a maintenance task to remove anything building up at the bottom of the coffee maker. Stuff like calcium, scale, or other things could be a problem later on, but this machine is very successful at preventing that from happening. It protects you and your drinks.

  • Automatic Shutdown

After two hours of being idle, the coffee maker shuts down automatically. You can let it do its job without any concern about consuming too much power afterward when the coffee is resting.

  • Color Variety

Besides black, you can get this coffee maker in a red version too.

• Saves electricity by turning off itself
• It allows us to make different types of coffee
• Coffee stays fresh
• Doesn’t leave a mess afterward
• The pump makes noises
• Not durable


BUNN GRB Velocity Coffee Brewer

BUNN GRB Velocity Brew coffee maker
BUNN GRB Velocity Brew coffee maker

Although coffee makers only serve one purpose, which is to brew coffee, it is always pleasant when the manufacturers go one step further, creating a versatile appliance. This machine is among the most good-looking out there, and we can use it either at home, the office or in schools.

  • Efficiency in Quickness

Undoubtedly, the reason you need this coffee maker is because of its quick brewing process. In about 3 minutes, it is capable of making a complete coffee pot. The other brewers are quick too, but this one is one step beyond, delivering quality results without losing any flavor during the process.

  • Protective Carafe

If you often find yourself cleaning the counter because the coffee maker spilled liquid over it, this machine will help you with that. It features a drip-free carafe with a fitting lid to pour the coffee into the cup, wicking away the dribbles by keeping them inside the carafe.

  • Spray-Style Showerhead

Through the multi-stream head shower, water distributes like a spray, reaching the coffee grounds evenly. The high temperature creates a brewing process capable of extracting every bit of flavor from the coffee, all of which under a smooth procedure that doesn’t leave a burnt taste after.

  • Large Bottom

The bottom of the coffee maker is a flat surface that provides many advantages, one of which is better interaction between the water and the poured coffee grounds. This design choice, combined with the showerhead, makes it easy to enjoy a cup of coffee with a delicious flavor.

  • The Vacation Switch

You’ve seen this feature before. In this case, we know it as the vacation switch, and it does nothing more than suspending the coffee maker’s performance when you decide to leave it alone for a while. After pressing the switch, the heat inside reduces considerably.

  • Modern & Effective

Even though there aren’t any more versions of this coffee maker available, you won’t be needing them. This unit is very stylish, and it provides a modern appliance that quickly blends well with the kitchen decoration of your home. You can use it at the office to surprise your colleagues as well.

•Stainless steel construction without any plastic
· Easy to set up
This machine brews fast
·It fits under cabinets easily
•The machine makes noises when heating up the water


Cuisinart DCC-3400 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Cuisinat DCC-3400 coffee maker
Cuisinart DCC-3400 coffee maker

With five buttons right at the front, there’s nothing complicated about this machine. Everyone gets to use it without having to go through the hassle brought by modern technology. This coffee maker is easy to understand, making it suitable for every type of environment.

  • Brewing Options

With the amount of freedom this coffee maker gives you, there are plenty of different coffee cups you’ll be able to make. To mention a few settings, we have the chance to choose between regular or bold flavors, creating a cup for everyone regardless of their taste.

  • High-Quality Thermal Carafe

The thermal carafe is yet another one of the outstanding benefits of this machine. It looks beautiful, offering a stainless steel finish for the handle. Inside, you’ll be able to store enough content to make at least twelve cups of coffee.

Also, because of the carafe’s see-through material, you have a complete vision of the liquid inside. It is very convenient for refilling when it empties.

  • Anti Power Outage Tech

If there’s a power loss, you can count the coffee maker to resist and operate as if nothing had happened. It features incredible technology to remember the settings and retrace the brewing process right where it cuts due to the outage.

  • Brew Pause

Like every good coffee maker, this one also makes it possible to halt the brewing operation. Whether you like your coffee at a particular temperature or under a specific texture, this machine will let you make your drink just as you want it.

  • Automatic Performance

When you’re not around to check on the machine, you can set it up or adjust it to work under a schedule. Use the 24-Hour settings for optimum performance, the self-cleaning feature for maintenance, or the automatic shutdown to turn it off after some time passes.

Furthermore, you can decide whether or not to activate the ready alert, which will inform you when the machine finishes its tasks.

  • LCD Displays

Through the LCD backlit screen, users are aware of every setting and step of the process currently taking place. You’ll be able to make changes if they are necessary.

• It brews delicious and hot coffee
• Large capacity to make as much cups as needed
• Large glass carafe pours the coffee nicely
• Option to turn off the ready alarm if necessary
•• Unpleasant plastic smell & taste during first pots
• The lid doesn’t open too much

Ninja CE201 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Ninja CE201 coffee maker
Ninja CE201 coffee maker

Here’s a stylish coffee maker that fits well at the office or home. This machine combines a set of features that produce tasty coffee in either small batches or large quantities. If you’re looking for state-of-the-art technology on a modern coffee maker, then this unit is your best choice.

  • Thoughtful Brewing

This machine uses a mix of steady temperatures, blooming, and a constant level of saturation to create the perfect cup of coffee. Every one of these elements provides an incredible brewing performance to unlock the very best flavor of your coffee.

The coffee maker allows the internal circulation of the coffee throughout the brewing, which maintains every drop at the right temperature and under the same flavor.

  • Programmable System

You can set your coffee maker to make it operate at the time you need it. For instance, set the brewing process a day before by using the 24-hour time, and you’ll return home to a cup of coffee waiting for you.

Also, you get the opportunity to shut down the machine after two hours automatically.

  • Mid-Brew Stop

The unit allows you to stop its brewing process midway through. Get the carafe out of the base, pour a cup of coffee, and enjoy the results of a high-quality machine.

  • Warming Plate

After making the coffee, you can leave the carafe on top of the plate to maintain its temperature. The baseplate is capable of maintaining the temperature for about four hours straight, and there’s no need to worry about burning the content.

  • Large Capacity

The extra-large showerhead with a water reservoir that holds up to 60 oz helps to produce 12 cups of coffee in different settings, Classic or Rich. It is a coffee maker that provides a lot of delicious coffee to keep everyone satisfied.

  • Water Reservoir is Removable

Besides being quite large, the water reservoir is removable as well. You can take it out to complete different tasks such as maintaining the machine, or refilling the water once it runs out. After that, place the piece back over the plate, and you’ll be ready to prepare more coffee batches.

• The water reservoir handle is comfortable to grab
• No drips when serving
• It maintains the coffee hot for a couple of hours
• Bulky structure
• The lid often gets stuck


Coffee BVMC-PSTX95 Coffee Maker

Coffee BVMC-PSTX95 coffee maker
Coffee BVMC-PSTX95 coffee maker

Have you had trouble maintaining the flavor of your coffee? Then don’t worry about that anymore! With this pick, you’ll quickly notice an improvement in the taste of the coffee leaves on your paladar. The technology used to produce this machine manages to extract every bit of coffee flavor.

  • Reliable Performance

This machine brews surprisingly fast, producing drinks at around 205F degrees. You can use it to serve 10 cups in a short period without losing the delicious flavor. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll be ready to enjoy that cup of coffee and to serve it for family or colleagues.

  • Grab-A-Cup System

Through this system, you’ll be able to stop the machine even before the brewing finishes. With this option, people can enjoy their preferred beverages at the right spot. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, it helps you experiment to find new flavors you hadn’t tried before.

  • Water Filtration

Since it is not enough to store the water, this coffee maker includes a water filtration system quite efficient at keeping your drinks safe. It works by removing more than 95% of chlorine, which in the end, only makes the coffee taste better.

  • Stainless Steel

The stainless steel construction proves to be durable, resistant, and highly friendly to the beverages. If you like your drink hot, the thermal carafe ensures the coffee remains at that same temperature as hours pass by.

  • Removable Reservoir

When cleaning the coffee maker, the removable reservoir of water makes everything faster. You’ll be able to clean every bit of the coffee maker thoroughly to keep it from malfunctioning. Combine it with a special cycle for cleaning, and you’ll have a high-quality machine for a long time.

You can detach this piece to refill it with water when necessary. Afterward, snapping the water reservoir back into its place is not an issue.

  • Pause & Serve

If you like your beverage at a specific point before the brewing ends, this feature will help you put a halt to the process and pour a coup. No longer will you have to interrupt the coffee maker by shutting it down or disconnecting it from the power source.

• Water filter pad successfully prevents splashes
• Easy to use & maintain
• Quick brewing process
• Durable machine
• The LED screen doesn’t last long

OXO Brew Coffee Maker

OXO Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Brewer
OXO Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Brewer

Even if this machine doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before, you’ll quickly notice that’s for the best. It is not about its slim design either, but rather a combination of pieces and technology that creates a powerful brew cycle to produce the amount of coffee your body needs during the day.

  • Brew Cycle Through Microprocessor

The microprocessor included controls each of the brew cycles, allowing you to mix the coffee through the familiar method of pouring it over. By doing this process, you get to produce several cups, varying between numbers from 2 to 9.

  • Stainless Steel Construction

Users get two benefits out of the stainless steel design: first, the coffee maker is quite durable and resistant against scratches or spills; secondly, the material improves the double-wall structure that keeps the liquid trapped inside at a stable temperature.

  • Water Treatment

The water inside follows a preservation process that ensures it remains at the right temperature. When stored inside, the liquid stays in a range of 197.6° – 204.8° Fahrenheit.

Also, the rainmaker-style head manages to distribute the water properly inside. It allows the machine to extract every last bit of flavor out of the coffee, creating a delicious beverage to enjoy.

  • Slim Design & Easy to Use

The unit is both beautiful and easy to use. Its slim design makes it easy to place it almost everywhere. To use it, you only need to take a couple of minutes to adjust the wake-up timer, select the number of cups you want, and then start the operation.

  • LED Indicators & Dial

There’s an LED interface very intuitive and easy to understand by everyone. Through a backlit screen, you’re capable of following the current state of your coffee. Additionally, you get an indicator of the freshness inside.

Since it features double-wall construction, anything inside remains at its perfect temperature, whether that’s cold or hot.

The single dial located at a convenient place allows you to set up how many cups you want. You can also use it to set the 24-hour timer.

• Controls are easy to use
• Sturdy construction
• Perfect temperature for the brewing
• Large water tank capacity
• Large water tank capacity
• The piece that connects the water reservoir to the filter is low-quality
• High price

Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker

Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker
Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker

Our next coffee maker is not the most good-looking out there, but it compensates for that by delivering an incredible performance. It combines modern technology and suitable pieces to create a machine that households would appreciate every morning, or during those rainy days.

  • Friendly Thermal Carafe

The glass-lined thermal carafe is very effective at delivering proper temperature control, sometimes even better than the double-wall structure in other machines. Additionally, through the trigger lid, people are capable of pouring the coffee simply by pressing it with the thumb.

Also, the filter basket included makes it possible to perform easy refilling, a quick brewing process, and proper maintenance chores after the coffee maker finishes its tasks.

  • Quick Brewing

This coffee maker produces 8 cups of 5 oz in less than 6 minutes. When it finishes, the stainless steel material used to create the thermal carafe helps to keep the coffee at the right temperature for many hours. It is not the fastest brewing process, but still fast enough under a lot of pressure.

  • Premium Construction Material

It may not be the most stylish coffee maker out there, but there’s no denying that the materials used to produce it aren’t of incredible quality.

Stainless steel, for instance, provides a spotless appearance. Also, since it is a durable construction, issues like scratches or stains shouldn’t worry you.

When doing maintenance, you’ll find that the stainless steel construction is very easy to maintain in good shape. If there’s ever a spill, act quickly passing over a piece of cloth, and it won’t leave permanent marks on the brewer’s exterior layer.

  • Modern Engineering

The coffee maker offers a heater that works at 1400W, which is ideal if you want to maintain the water at a proper temperature to perform an efficient brewing process.

While brewing, the showerhead included ensures the coffee distributes evenly inside, making possible a complete saturation process that maintains the coffee’s flavor.

Because of that, people will be able to enjoy their drinks just as they want it, at a perfect temperature, and without losing that particular flavor that makes the coffee so good.

• Simple machine without too many parts
• It brews delicious coffee, keeping it hot
• Proper lid mechanism allows us to pour coffee quickly without drips
• Small & compact structure
• Antiquated look

Technivorm Moccamaster 59462 KBG Coffee Maker

Technivorm Moccamaster 59462 KBG coffee maker
Technivorm Moccamaster 59462 KBG coffee maker


You will hardly find another coffee maker as beautiful as this one. The gorgeous black color makes it an appliance that everyone will notice as soon as they enter the room. If you’re an expert that enjoys having the most delicious coffee, this machine is one that provides everything you need.

  • Brew Basket

This machine features an automatic basket for the brewing process, which allows you to remove the carafe when serving a cup. It is a convenient design choice that makes it easy to pour the coffee without leaving drips on the surface where the coffee maker sits.

  • Outlet Arm

The 9-hole design for the outlet arm provides water at different temperatures between 196° and 205° Fahrenheit. It makes it possible to distribute the water evenly during the brewing process, ensuring a cup of coffee without missing any of its flavor from the beginning to the end.

  • Water Reservoir

The water reservoir of this coffee maker offers a 40 oz capacity for ten cups approximately. That’s 1.25 liters of water you’ll have at your disposal after each refill.

When full, you can use the content to brew the coffee in less than 6 minutes. From the outside, you can keep track of how much water is inside.

  • Switch Controls

You’ll find a pair of switches on this coffee maker; the first one is on the left side and is responsible for controlling the power, and it automatically shuts down the machine if it remains idle after one hour and a half. It helps in saving energy and preserving the machine’s lifespan.

You can find the other switch on the right side, and it controls the temperature of the plate. Turning it to the right maintains the coffee at 185° Fahrenheit. On the other hand, turning the switch to the left keeps the coffee at 175° Fahrenheit during the next hour and a half without burning.

  • Color Variety

If you’re not a fan of the all-black design, you can purchase this coffee maker in a lot of other different colors. There are more than ten versions available, so you’ll find one that matches your kitchen decoration.

• You can replace the parts of this machine if necessary
• Suitable brewing temperature to make hot and tasty coffee
• Perfect extraction time
• Hotplate maintains the right temperatures
• It could be difficult to operate this machine in the morning, especially when you’re in a hurry

Key Considerations before the Purchase – Buying Guide

Since there are so many types of coffee, it is only logical that there are a ton of coffee makers out there. Choosing just one could be complicated if you’re a new user, but we’re going to help you with that. Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing one of these units.

Perhaps they don’t offer every single one of these features, but the best coffee makers surely provide many of them.

 A Programmable Coffee Maker

The very first thing you need to ask yourself is how involved do you want to be when making the coffee? If you have paid attention to our reviews, you must’ve noticed that these devices can work automatically, with little to no involvement from humans other than to set them up.

A programmable coffee maker allows you to set working schedules for the machine to make the coffee just the way you want it. You can set it up a day before, and when you wake up the next morning, you’ll have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you as soon as you step into the kitchen.

But some people prefer the overall feeling of making the coffee themselves every morning. If that’s your case, you should know that there’s a coffee maker for you too. The best part is that even manual devices are easy to operate, as they feature intuitive buttons that do all the jobs for us.

Fortunately, you can operate most of the machines included on our list both ways. So, whether you prefer to be more involved in the process, or have the machine do it all, every coffee maker we reviewed satisfies those desires.

 Brewing Capacity

Do you intend to use the coffee maker just for yourself, or for many other people as well? If that’s the case, the brewing capacity will play a big role when you’re buying one of these appliances.

For instance, if you live by yourself, going for a single-cup coffee maker is perhaps the right call. It offers the perfect amount of coffee you’ll need throughout the day without having to make more until the next morning.

On the other hand, brewers that offer around 12 cups of 5 to 6 ozs are way better for a family household, as it provides enough beverages for everyone. You can also use them at the office, or during dinner with neighbors or friends.

Finally, if your coffee thirst is not satisfied, you can even go for a commercial-grade coffee maker. These offer a ridiculous capacity to brew a ton of coffee, which you can use for special events with a considerable amount of people.

The brewing capacity of the coffee maker is different depending on your needs. Naturally, if you pick a less capable machine, perhaps you’d be able to acquire it at a lower price.

 Thermal Carafe

Coffee is one of those beverages that we leave out in the open, and we continue returning to have some more as the day goes by. Everyone likes their coffee at a certain temperature, but it is not easy to maintain the drink hot or cold after a couple of hours.

At least, that was the case, until the thermal carafe came into play. These wonderful pieces are capable of keeping our beverages either cold or hot.

After preparing our batch in the morning and serving a cup, we can leave the rest of the coffee inside the carafe, and it will remain under the same temperature. It allows us to come back to the coffee maker every now and then, providing us with a tasty cup of coffee to continue our routine.

Another benefit of the thermal carafe is that they protect the beverage left inside. You no longer have to worry about returning to a batch of burnt coffee! This piece makes it possible to produce the amount of coffee we need, leave the machine on, and go on with our day.

 Machine Size

The size of the coffee maker doesn’t necessarily make any difference in the coffee it produces, but it sure could become a problem if you don’t have a defined space to keep it stored properly. Before making your call, take the proper measurements to prevent a lot of headaches later on.

Removable Water Reservoir

One of the trickiest parts with old coffee makers was to refill the water without creating a mess. More often than not, spills would occur, and we had to dismount everything to clean everything before we can even start making our batch of coffee.

That’s an issue that should not worry you anymore. These appliances feature a removable water reservoir, which snap out of the main structure easily, allowing you to refill it in little time.

After refilling it, putting the water reservoir back in its place is easy and quick as well. It doesn’t only allow us to refill faster, but makes it easy to maintain the coffee maker in good shape too.

You get to detach this piece to clean any possible stuff building up in or around the container.

LED or LCD Displays

What better way to keep track of the coffee maker’s performance, than having either LED or LCDs lights systems showing up its statistics?

You can keep track of data like the temperature through the backlit screen showing the digits in bright lights.

This feature is not available in every coffee maker, and perhaps it is not necessary for some people. Still, some other users prefer to have that information available for them to control every part of the brewing.

Automatic Shutdown

Since we often leave the coffee maker on as we continue with our day, it is better to have one that shuts down automatically after some minutes.

You’ll find that the automatic shutdown option varies from brand to brand, with some machines lasting between two to four hours before shutting their system.

For family households and office environments, the automatic shutdown allows people to set it back on once again as soon as they need a new batch of coffee. If you live by yourself, it will help you save some money you’d have to pay on electric bills.

In Conclusion

Finding the best coffee maker is a task that requires all of our attention. After all, a cup of coffee is what often motivates us through our days, powering our body systems when we feel like we can’t continue anymore.

During our coffee maker reviews, we hope you’ve found your ideal choice. As soon as you figure out what type of coffee you like the most, looking for a coffee maker is easier.

Powerful brewing capacity, machine size, and a thermal carafe are among the features you need to consider before buying.

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