Best Coffee Grinder For 2020

If a grinder can evenly grind the beans, even your low-quality Robusta will taste like the best dark roasted coffees. Because the taste depends on how consistently the oil from the beans is being distributed.

While most people focus on the beans instead of the mills, it is important to understand if beans were everything, then instant coffee would’ve been just as tasty. But they are not. Beans have the flavors that only the best coffee grinder can extract.

Therefore, to get the best taste, you need the best tools. In this review, we will show you exactly which ones you need.

4 Best Coffee Grinder Reviews, Comparisons For 2020

In these reviews, you’re likely to see burrs instead of blades. Blades don’t grind evenly, so the flavorful aroma of the beans isn’t extracted efficiently.


    1. OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

If you want more for less, then this is the grinder for you. OXO is one of the most well-known brands, and their coffee maker has one of the best deals you could find. What’s more? You’re getting a stainless steel burr grinder at the price of regular blade ones.

The other reason to love this one is its easy functioning. You can ground the beans with only the press of one OXO button and stop it with the same once you’re done.

However, that doesn’t restrict you from manually selecting your preferred consistency. You also get to select between 15 settings and adjust your time in order to get the best taste. Ranging from fine to coarse, there are 15 selectable options.

Moreover, the stainless steel gives this product a strong and durable body. This won’t quit on you easily. What’s more, you can also keep 0.75 pounds of beans in the hopper and grind at your whim.

Also, this grinder works much faster than its alternatives. In addition, the conical burr gives you very uniform consistency, and you can get the precise size that you’re looking for.

That also means this grinder is well equipped to extract the flavors adequately. However, you may experience a few issues with this once it gets older. It might not grind beans all the way, and sometimes it can also get noisy. But considering the price and overall quality, you can ignore the small defects.

  • Durable and sturdy stainless steel
  • 15 selectable options
  • Works fast and grinds uniformly
  • Accommodates 112g of coffee
  • Gets noisy when older


      2. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

If you’re an occasional coffee drinker, then this little mill will be more than enough for you. Although it’s small, the stainless steel material gives it a top-notch build quality and makes it very strong. You won’t need to worry about it being wobbly like the plastic alternative of this.

We all know how Japan loves its tea and coffee. This product is directly shipped from there and gives you very little to complain about.

Since our previous reviews had conical burrs, which are the best tools for grinding, don’t think this one will not have it just because it’s smaller in size. This also has the burr to give you the uniform consistency that you’d expect from premium grinding products.

Moreover, if you’re a person of taste, you can adjust it to your preferred brewing style and get your desired results. However, this grinds quite slowly, but since it has a smaller body, if it worked any faster, the consistency wouldn’t be the same.

This weighs around 8 ounces, and you can take it to places easily. It is also very easy to use, and the strong built makes sure you can use it for a long time.

Being a mini grinder, the price is reasonable. But if you compare it to other mini products, then this is more expensive. That is mostly because of its metal and ceramic body. Most of the alternatives have a plastic body and aren’t really durable, and hence, those are cheaper.

  • Reasonable price
  • Stainless steel body; strong and sturdy
  • Shipped directly from Japan
  • Brewing adjustments can be made according to taste
  • Takes longer, and brewing is done manually



          3. Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

If you’re passionate about grinding your coffee and want the best out of it, this is the premium-graded product you need. The grinding burrs grind directly into the filter and have an easy operation. Therefore, it takes less time to give you your uniform grounded coffee.

Another reason behind its quick grinding is the power system, which operates at 166 watts. But unlike the other low priced alternatives, this won’t create noise or smoke up after use.

Moreover, each product is tested before it’s sent, so although you don’t get an intact product, you get a properly functioning device. Better coffee mills let you choose between doser and doserless models. This is a doserless grinder. Hence, you have the freedom to grind as you need and in the amount you need.

This model is more ergonomic, and you have fewer chambers to clean. So, if you are specific about your coffee choices, you will automatically love this Rocky grinder as it lets you choose from finer to coarser with many included varieties.

However, don’t let its price set you off. For a maker of its construction and efficiency, you won’t have a problem paying for it.

Most grinders might charge you less, but they will show other issues once you have purchased it. But with this one, you can be sure to get a product that you can use for years. This will not only give you even coffee, but you can extract the flavors with consistency.

  • Extracts flavors consistently
  • Ergonomic design and easy to use
  • Grinds quickly and efficiently
  • Premium construction
  • Expensive compared to similar products

Features to Look for before Buying

You don’t buy grinders every day, so when you buy one, make sure it lasts. Our best coffee grinder reviews will tell you what to buy, but you need to know yourself how to discern the good from the bad.

A good coffee mill isn’t cheap and will cost you some money. Therefore, even if it costs a little more, you should buy a product that serves your purposes.

  • Even Consistency

When it comes to grinding your coffee, nothing is more important than having an even consistency. Even buying the best beans won’t give you good coffee unless it has been crushed uniformly.

A lot is associated with a properly grounded coffee. For getting the best flavor from your beans, they need to release the oils within them evenly.

The extraction of flavorful coffee is only possible when you have that even consistency. A good grinder not only grinds evenly but also lets you select how fine or coarse you want them to be.

So check whether the mill can select between these options. For espresso lovers, the finer the coffee, the better it will taste.

  • Types of Grinders

It is important to know the difference between burr and blade grinders. Blade grinders use blades to cut coffee indiscriminately. This results in different sizes of beans. Some are finer, while some are coarser.

The inconsistency will make it impossible to set your coffee to your preferred taste and is most likely not to extract the flavors rightfully.

Burr grinders use burr plates to crush and grind beans to an even size. This gives you the option to taste different sizes and consistencies.

  • Size of Hopper

Coffee tastes best right after brewing. So, you don’t need too large of a hopper unless you’re making it for many people. But the size should still be enough to hold in a decent amount of beans.

  • Settings

A good grinder will have options to let you grind exactly the amount you need. Most will also have pre-setting time and auto-start to help you get it ready when you need it. But most importantly, it should have selectable options between fine and coarse.

  • Build Material

Build material is important to know how durable the product is. Most products usually have metallic or ceramic construction. The metal body is considered to be more reliable than other forms.

  • Cleaning and Usability

Cleaning grinders isn’t the easiest as most products prohibit cleaning with water. So, cleaning the chambers can get tricky. Therefore, a proper guide should be given with the manual.

Moreover, a mill shouldn’t be too complex to use. Simplicity is one of the key criterions for a good grinder.

Final Words

Having an efficient grinder is just as important as having good quality beans. Therefore, take some time looking at the options so that you can buy the best coffee grinder.