10 Best Jura Coffee Machine Reviews 2022

What is the best Jura coffee machine? If you love specialty coffee and the thought of having one at the touch of the button is appealing to you, then a Jura Espresso machine is a great choice however what model should you select? It’s not easy to decide since they’re costly and, on first inspection, they appear similar.

This article will provide the top Jura coffee machine choices, and compare the most sought-after machines from basic to premium. So, by the end of Jura espresso machine reviews, you’ll be armed with much more of an understanding of which model is the best fit for your requirements.

Why Are Jura Coffee Machines So Expensive?


10 Best Jura Coffee Machine Reviews 2022

If you’re going for the highest price for an automatic espresso machine, you have to not just provide the top features, design, and quality and also convey a sense of exclusivity, which is evident in the whole sales model. Jura is a prestigious brand that is able to deliver on all fronts.

One of the main features of every Jura home coffee machine is its price stability. For instance, the cost I paid for this Jura E8 hasn’t changed much in the years since I bought it. This could be considered high-quality. Take a look at the price of automatic espresso machines made by different brands. They fluctuate constantly.

No matter if it’s the most recent model or a classic entry-level model Jura machine coffee makers are true reliable machines. They last for a long time, delivering consistently excellent espresso, and enduring the few issues that fall beyond the warranty. That’s why you’ll never require any major Jura repairs to your coffee maker.

What is the Difference Between Jura Models?

At Jura products, lines of products are identified in a simpler method than other manufacturers. The level of quality is contingent on which Jura machine you buy within a particular line of products.

Choose the entry-level class A series or D-series models that typically retail between $799 and $999, as an example. Some manufacturers label espresso machines at this price mid-range, however, the main benefit is that you will get a stunning quality design and top-quality price. While the coffee is excellent, there is some room for improvement.

The next model is the E-series Jura coffee makers. These Jura models provide a lot of value at a low cost … but at the very least in comparison with similar Jura machines.

Moving into the Z-series or GIGA series The espresso and the frothed milk are fantastic, as the coffee grinding and settings are outstanding. Even the flat white appears less snobby on some devices.

The cost for the Jura espresso maker won’t be for those with a weak stomach This is the reason you’re reading this. Like everything else in life, the old saying “you are getting what you spend” is screaming from your subconscious.

Personally, I am still waiting for the verdict to come out as to whether or not I’ll be a part of Jura’s philosophy of cleaning the espresso machine. It’s not like I’m old-fashioned and all, but I would like to be able to remove the brew group so that I can wash it manually.

Although it’s true that Jura coffee machines have an effective cleaning program as well as many automated solutions to clean the brew group, there’s one drawback. It’s the fact that it can increase the consumption of water … and, consequently, increase the requirement for cleaner tablets and a descaling solution.

Let me stop here for now! I’ve come up with how to determine at last whether having a fixed brew group is as important as I portray it to be. So, I’ve decided to start an extended test that will provide some evidence that will help me form my own opinions.

I’m planning to use a Jura espresso maker for over a whole year before tearing it down completely it. This is when we’ll be able to see how the chamber for brewing actually appears after normal usage. Is it as clean inside as Jura says? We’ll discover! I might have to indulge in a simple pie.

Best Jura Coffee Machine: Advantages & Disadvantages

Best Jura Coffee Machine: Advantages & Disadvantages

When you are able to list both the advantages and disadvantages in the comparison, Jura coffee machines often appear to balance each other out. This is true only by removing costs from the comparison and that is what people are thinking of when they think about having the Ferrari of espresso machines that are automated.

If money is not an issue, Jura coffee machines absolutely speak for themselves.

  • Jura coffee machines enhance their elegant appearance by using colors such as chrome or platinum.
  • The intricate design shines through the strength and smooth feeling, even in plastic or aluminum.
  • The grinding power of cone grinders or disk grinders is quite reliable. The majority of models now come with a variable grinder for coffee beans!
  • Processes that are proprietary, such as for instance the Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) or the Intelligent Water System (IWS) improve the quality of preparation even if there is no way to know the method.
  • The most popular with customers are individual coffee profiles, the one-touch functions, as well as the extra-shot feature, are typically commonplace.
  • The most critical factors are temperature, grind volume, and aroma levels, and coffee strength -which can be adjusted at any time even in basic Jura coffee machines.
  • Ideas such as “fine foam technology” aren’t just marketing jargon used at Jura -They actually are effective!
  • The process is usually straightforward and easy — using a touch screen or a smartphone.
  • All machines have an automated milk frothing system which is a cappuccinatore with the exception of milk-free Jura A1. Steam wands that are manual aren’t Jura’s preference.
  • The descaling and cleaning programs are well thought-out as they must be.
  • The service life is long even under heavy use.
  • In terms of price, they are always higher than the market price even when you compare them to comparable equipment. So, buying Jura coffee machines for less isn’t an easy task.
  • There’s no basic container for milk that comes in the coffee machine. It’s more likely that Jura is trying to sell users with a separate Jura brand container and one of them is an adapter for wireless that is included in the carafe. I’d probably be more hesitant when it came to a part of every Jura cup maker. However, it could increase the cost and that’s probably the reason why Jura does not do this.
  • Routine maintenance as well as Jura coffee machine repairs Although not required often can be costly and difficult due to an adjustable brew system.

4 Best Jura Coffee Machines Fast Picks

10 Best Jura Coffee Machines Reviews

Jura S8

Jura S8

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The Jura S8 is a mid-range coffee maker that provides plenty of options for customization, without making your head spin.

It’s also more affordable than some of the more advanced Jura gadgets you’ll come across.

Jura S8 Jura S8 offers you 15 different beverages to pick from. While you’ll not be capable of adjusting the temperature of the milk foam or the milk, however, you can change the grind size as well as water levels.

It’s still plenty of customization to create a high-quality coffee shop beverage.

The Jura S8 isn’t without its difficulties But, it’s not without its problems. This model will require you to purchase specific cleaning equipment for your device, which will add to the cost.

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  • It’s simple to use and you won’t be lost when trying to make your morning coffee
  • You can design at least 15 unique drinks Each one is customizable
  • The milk maker is automatically cleaned which means you don’t need to remove it every time you’re required to maintain it.
  • The model is priced lower than other models, making it ideal to use in your home
  • You will need to purchase special cleaning equipment, which means that the maintenance of your coffee machine could be expensive
  • It doesn’t offer a lot of personalization, which means you won’t be able to perfect your drinks in the same way as you could on different Jura machines.

Jura ENA 8

Jura ENA 8

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If you’re like me When you read about the price of the Jura coffee machine you’ll be able to feel your jaw drop.

A few of these gadgets cost thousands of dollars which isn’t attainable to the average barista in your home.

The ENA 8 is a solution to this issue.

The ENA 8 is basically an edgier version of some of the more sophisticated Jura devices (like for instance, the Giga 6).

This coffee machine offers only 10 drink options, meaning it’s not as many pre-programmed options.

But don’t let the skewed choice of products put you off!

The ENA 8 still lets you modify your drink similar fashion to other more sophisticated gadgets. You’ll be able to alter the size of your grind as well as the temperature of the water and much more.

The only thing left to be desired from this gadget is the dimensions of the reservoirs. the coffee bean bucket, as well as the water tank, are tiny which means you must replenish them regularly.

  • It has a single-touch operation and is easy to utilize
  • Features an auto-cleaning feature which makes cleaning simple and easy
  • You can choose from 10 different drinks which makes it simple to personalize your drink
  • Allows you to customize multiple features to make the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Easy to use, meaning it’s not as complicated as other high-tech devices.
  • It’s not as feature-rich, but it’s much more expensive than the higher-end Jura models, so it’s possible that it’s not worth the price
  • The device has tiny bean and water reservoirs, meaning you will need to refill it frequently
  • It is located on the side of the coffee machine, making it difficult to locate.

Jura Z8

Jura Z8

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The Jura Z8 is a premium device that provides many options for customization without being excessive.

The device has a simple design, which is easy to operate. Additionally, you can program it using your phone which makes it simpler to tweak the options.

I also like the device’s touchscreen. You can browse through the 21 beverage options on the device, as well as add features to the program like the temperature of the water, grind, and much more.

When it comes to grinding The Jura Z8 espresso machine comes with an integrated grinder. It is ideal to master the technique of getting your coffee to a fine point, which results in the finest coffees from all of the Jura Brewers.

The biggest issue I have about Z8 is that Z8 is the price. The Z8 will cost you thousands of dollars, which cannot be feasible for the majority of us.

  • Set up user profiles so that you can keep track of your family’s preferences for beverages
  • It has an automatic cleaning system This means you don’t have to take it apart in order to clean it
  • A large reservoir of water means you don’t need to continuously fill it up
  • Features a step-less grinder that makes it simple for you to master your grind
  • It doesn’t come with a milk container You’ll have to buy it separately
  • It’s a big coffee machine, and therefore isn’t a good fit for smaller kitchens.

Jura D6

Jura D6

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The Jura D6 is one of Jura’s latest machines and is focused on producing top-quality frothed milk.

Do not let this feature fool you, however.

Although this machine produces the finest milk for macchiatos and cappuccinos, however, it’s not capable of producing milk for lattes. Therefore, if your favorite coffee drink is a thin vanilla Latte, this machine isn’t going to be able to make it.

The D6 comes with 11 different pre-programmed coffees. Although coffee drinks didn’t make it onto the list, however, there’s a decent choice of beverages to pick from.

Another fantastic aspect of Jura D6 is the Jura D6 is that it’s an automatic coffee machine. All you need to do is hit an icon on the device and it’s able to make your cup of coffee!

In addition to the lack of coffee, This machine doesn’t have the same strength settings for coffee or grinder adjustments as other machines.

This means it’s not as user-friendly as other Jura machines available.

  • It is extremely easy to clean and maintain, which means you can manage maintenance quickly
  • The milk frother and the coffee spouts are exactly the same, which means it’s not necessary to shift the cups in order to create drinks with milk.
  • It is equipped with Jura’s PEP technology which makes espresso that is super smooth.
  • This allows you to make 11 different varieties of drinks, which means you’ll have the chance to focus on your ideal cup of coffee.
  • It comes with a special steam wand, which means you can create harder-to-master drinks like corridors and macchiatos.
  • The milk frother isn’t equipped with the ability to frost the milk of a latte, which means you’ll be missing out on certain drinks
  • It has fewer drink options which means you aren’t able to personalize your drinks as much with other Jura machines.

Jura GIGA 6

Jura GIGA 6

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The Jura Giga 6 was made with technology enthusiasts in mind. It is equipped with the most precise of coffee-making settings, which allows users to personalize their coffee unlike any other.

The machine actually is built using AI which learns about your preferences for coffee as you make them. The more drinks you drink the more the coffee machine will tweak your drink to suit your preferences.

It also lets you see statistics on your coffee drinks.

If you’re a coffee lover that is keen to keep the count of the number of cups of espresso you’ve consumed in the course of a day, this gadget is the one for you.

Although the machine is fitted with the most advanced technological advancements in the Jura family it’s not very practical.

Yes, it is cool, the features are awesome and, yes, the design is sleek.

But the chance that you’ll actually utilize all of the options is low. This could make it unwise to own if you consider the amount you’ll use it.

Additionally, the additional features increase the costs of the machine considerably. If you’re not ready to pay a large amount of cash the machine does not make sense.

  • Pros
  • There are 28 drink options that allow you to make the drink you’re looking for
  • There’s no limit to the possibilities of customization, and you’ll be capable of creating the perfect beverage
  • It comes with a smartphone application that lets you alter settings and monitor your drink consumption on your phone
  • Its sleek design is creating an attractive machine that looks stunning in any kitchen.
  • You can review your coffee beverage’s data so that you can monitor the calories and your health goals more effectively
  • It’s expensive, and it’s not a great option for those with an extremely tight budget.
  • It comes with an abundance of options. It could be overwhelming and end in not being utilized
  • Regular maintenance is required, which means you’re constantly removing it to clean

Jura Z6

Jura C60 Impressa

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It’s the Jura Z6 is a top-of-the-line coffee maker that will make some amazing coffee, if you’re willing to be willing to pay for it.

The machine is priced with a Beverly Hills price tag but it has a milk system that is easy to use that is packed with features. There are 10 milk-frothing options that allow you to customize your cup of coffee the way you want it.

In addition to your milk frothing options, you can pick from 12 pre-set beverage choices.

These two features allow you to make an excellent cup of coffee keeping all your individual preferences in your mind.

Additionally, this machine is equipped with an RFID chip as well as an Intelligent Water System. These two features will alert users when they have to maintain and clean the machine.

  • It is a part of Jura’s PEP proprietary system to ensure you get the best extraction of the grounds of the coffee
  • The system is RFID-enabled which makes it easy for maintenance to identify and manage
  • Allows you to store and customize your drink choices which makes it easy to make your own drinks
  • It’s a Jura AGA system, meaning you’ll enjoy a highly aromatic coffee with lots of flavors
  • The cost is quite high and makes it unsuitable for a lot of home coffee makers
  • It’s a big machine, therefore you’ll require plenty of counter space to store it

Jura C60 Impressa

Jura C60 Impressa

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The Jura C60 Impressa is an elegant machine that can quickly warm up the water and get you your coffee within the shortest amount of time.

With the Jura C60 Impressa, you’re allowed to select between four different strength choices in your espresso. If you’re a fan of coffee made from jet fuel this is a great choice because it allows you to make a cup of coffee that is incredibly strong.

Apart from allowing you to choose the strength of the coffee The machine lets you choose how hot you’d like the water temperature to be.

If you like your coffee that is cooler it’s possible to achieve this by using this machine. If you’re looking for the perfect hot espresso, that’s an option, too.

Concerning the problems of this machine, the main issue is the fact that it is one boiler.

If you’re making milk-based beverages it is possible to have some time between making coffee and boiling the milk.

The machine also comes with limited beverage options, option of four beverage options.

When you’ve figured out the drink you like best, however you can save your preferences in order to make it simple to revisit.

  • You can alter the coffee’s strength, which is perfect for those who enjoy stronger or less strong brews
  • The machine can be heated up quickly, which means you don’t have to sit for your coffee to be ready
  • The process uses Jura’s Puls extraction which means you will get barista-quality coffee
  • It’s easily cleaned and maintained, which will save your time and energy while maintaining your coffee maker
  • The catch tray that holds water and grounds is small which means you’re constantly cleaning it
  • The device is fairly loud and therefore isn’t a good choice for people who are sensitive to noise
  • Milk foam tools that come with the device aren’t very high they can’t hold larger cups underneath them

Jura E6

Jura E6

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If you’re just beginning to get into the business of becoming a barista in your own home, the Jura E6 is a great machine to pick.

This machine has 11 drinks to select from, as well as options for customizing your drink.

In addition, it is simple to operate. It comes with a touchscreen display as well as the ability to use a single button.

The thing I don’t like about this machine is that it isn’t possible to make lattes with it. This is a huge disadvantage for us who enjoy playing with coffee syrups and being creative with our drinks.

Another problem with the machine is that it doesn’t permit users to use already ground coffee to use in the device.

As with other Jura products, this one has a bean hopper that grinds your coffee on your behalf. But unlike other models, you aren’t able to turn off that feature, which could delay the whole making process.

  • Utilizes Jura’s famous PEP technology, which means you can enjoy ultra-smooth drinks that are high-quality and smooth
  • It’s incredibly simple to use, which makes it an ideal choice for those just starting to get into the business of being a barista at home
  • Large reservoir, which means it’s not necessary to replenish it
  • This stainless steel conical grinder results in an extremely uniform and smooth grind
  • The milk maker has limited capabilities, which means you won’t be capable of making lattes
  • It is not possible to bypass the grinder which is why you’re unable to use the pre-ground coffee inside the device

Jura E8

Jura E8

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If you’re in search of an automated coffee maker that doesn’t require much effort from your side, the Jura E8 is the machine for you. The Jura E8 lets you make the cappuccino (or macchiato, latte, or mocha…you can get the idea) of your dreams.

The machine comes with one-touch technology, which basically is that you press one button to receive the coffee you’ve been searching for.

The machine allows you to select among 16 coffee drinks.

Although it’s less than the other options that are on this list the drinks are available with eight different strengths. It is also possible to alter the temperature as well as the volume of the water, milk, and shot.

In spite of the fact that there are only 16 beverages to choose from, there is still ample flexibility for making a fantastic Joe. Joe.

The negatives of this machine are its price and the limitation of only having one boiler.

A single boiler means that you’ll be waiting several minutes between making another espresso. This makes it less than perfect for entertaining.

  • Very customizable, to allow you to create the perfect cup of coffee
  • The reservoir of water is huge which means you won’t have to refill it on a regular basis
  • The cleaning and maintenance systems can be automated by pressing a button
  • Enjoy great flavor from your coffee
  • The price is higher than the majority of Jura espresso machines, even with the restricted design
  • It has a single boiler which means there’s a little in between brewing cups of coffee

Jura A1

Jura A1

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All coffee lovers are invited!

If you prefer simple espresso drinks over extravagant espresso drinks, the Jura A1 is the perfect machine for you.


Since Jura A1 is the only Jura A1 only makes lungo coffee, ristretto, and espresso drinks.

Even though this allows you to prepare three drinks, however, the machine produces these drinks perfectly.

Its Jura A1 coffee machine features the PEP brewing system that produces super-smooth, quick drinks. The machine also makes it with lightning-fast speed (well not exactly the speed of lightning, but fairly speedy).

In addition, the machine is small. It is able to be placed on the counter of your kitchen, without taking up a lot of space and yet has enough storage space to ensure that you don’t have to refill the machine constantly.

The biggest drawback for this Jura A1 is that it’s not as customizable as other equipment. You’ll be able to alter the size of the grind as well as the amount of coffee and the amount of water in your beverages.

But, they’re enough to allow you to be competent enough to make an alcoholic drink that is more than adequate.

  • It runs quietly, which is perfect for those who are sensitive to noise
  • The design is compact It is, therefore, able to fit on the kitchen counter
  • The brewing process is extremely quick, meaning you don’t need to wait around for your coffee to be ready
  • It is extremely energy efficient, which means you won’t use a lot of energy to run the machine
  • Does not have a milk frother, which means you’re not able to make milk-based drinks, such as lattes
  • There is only one spout, therefore you can only pour only one beverage at a given time

Jura Espresso Machine Lingo

Jura Espresso Machine Lingo

Jura’s inhabitants Jura have come up with an entirely unique language. To simplify life We thought we’d translate some of the more… perhaps… interesting terms they employ and show what they mean!

“The Aroma+ Grinder”

“Aroma” is a tribe of the coffee word that describes how the grinds you grind impact the taste of your beverage. The aroma settings are represented with a picture of coffee beans in the “Aroma” profile within the settings as shown in the display.

This is a measure of the strength of your beverage will be because of the quality that the grinding. The typical choice is of 1-5 settings. Our suggestion is to begin at the lowest and try different settings. Although Jura grinders might not be the same on every machine, nowadays the majority of them come with at the very least the Aroma and Grinder.

No matter what, Jura grinders tend to be quiet, and fast and treat the coffee beans with respect and affection.


Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System(IPBAS) produces fantastic coffee. However, this sounds like a long-term condition that makes unsettling body noises! The short version is that this method will add a tiny amount of liquid to your coffee before brewing.

You can do this every day using things like pouring coffee over or placing a small amount of water to swell the ground coffee, and then pre-infusing the coffee with a bit. It’s actually not as difficult as it seems!


Another acronym, however, it’s this time the real name sounds like the solution for the disease mentioned above called The Pulse Extraction Process. It’s a cutting-edge technology that allows extraction that takes less than half the amount of time by forcing hot coffee through it to allow it to be pre-infused.

“CLARIS Filter System”

Although it has an odd name (although it’s not as strange) it is an option you’ll enjoy. It’s the anti-scaling technology that removes hard minerals, and also prevents calcium deposits from accumulating on the heating element.

“Fine Foam Technology”

Maybe Jura’s engineers Jura has a common humorous sense. Its title Fine Foam Technology sounds like it’s walking on the red carpet and dressed in sequins.

What it actually means is that it freezes the milk twice- in separate chambers. It slowly releases the milk foam that has been compacted into your drink, thereby creating fine foam. It is creamy and has a delicate consistency.

“IWS (Intelligent Water Systems)”

What’s the deal that is so confusing about all the acronyms? What is it that makes it smart? Did this water system get a degree from Harvard? Does it look like Mensa material?

Although it’s not a name, this is an amazing feature. Intelligent Water System is a detection technology that conducts internal tests on the quality of your water (how difficult it is, etc.) and ensures that all is in good order. If it’s not, it works out what’s needed to be done and informs you of any maintenance to be carried out like when it’s time for changing filters, running an aeration cycle, or.

“TFT Display”

The TFT (short for Thin Film Transistor) is the display screen that you will use to control the coffee maker. It’s connected to a Rotary Switch that lets you alter the settings. The feature lets you select from the variety of special drinks that are available. Then just like magic, you push the button and you’ll be served the espresso drink you’ve always wanted.

“Bypass Doser”

Bypass Doser is bypass Doseris an incredibly small chamber that lets you skip the normal brewing process when you already have coffee espresso beans within the hopper that you can use to make espresso.

It is possible to use this method to switch between different coffees such as when the decaf-loving friend in your life needs a coffee, while you’re planning to make your own caffeinated coffee. Also, in the evening when you’re in the mood for a cup of coffee, however, you must take a decaf.

The Verdict

It’s all about personal preferences and taste. The Jura machine at home can make excellent coffee. It’s always a great morning when you begin your day with a great morning cup of coffee.

The top end of the range can be found that of the Jura Z6, one of the most technologically advanced models from the brand. Yes, you’ll have to pay an impressive amount however if would like every bell and bell Jura has to offer it is the one to choose.

Jura E8 is in the middle of the range and offers various options for customizing your coffee. You can also control it via an application. The excellent combination of features and cost that this model offers is the reason it has been the top-selling model of Jura.

Jura D6 sits at the lower end of the Jura price, but unlike other models that are priced at a lower price, it has an automatic milk frothing system. We believe that it’s a great deal. If you’re looking for a fantastic cappuccino at a low cost don’t look any further.


Is Jura coffee maker worth it?

The top-quality construction of the Professional Fine Foam Frother the 15 different coffee drink options, P.E.P., and Intelligent Water Systems result in the best barista-quality coffee. Therefore, the price is well worth it. But do you have a similar or even better quality coffee brewing using a less expensive Jura coffee maker? Yes, you can.

How do I choose a Jura?

If you like espresso and Americano then the Jura A1 and ENA4 are excellent choices. If you are a coffee, espresso, and cappuccino fan, think about those Jura D6 and E6. If you are a fan of cappuccino, espresso, cappuccino Latte, flat white, and macchiato, then the Jura E8 S8, Z6, and ENA8 are definitely worth looking into.

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